2022 Pilgrimage Ordeal

The Pilgrimage Ordeal is August 12-14. I hope you’re excited about this fun, fellowship, and service-filled weekend. Our lodge conducts only two Ordeals each year and they are our most important events of the year. Our Ordeals bring in new members and help keep our camp in good condition. If you know a newly elected Scout into the OA, encourage them to come! Coming to Ordeals is a great way to commit yourself to cheerful service and fun fellowship. The Ordeal is also a great way to become more involved in the lodge and make lifelong scouting friends. I encourage everyone to come and we would be honored to see you there. We need new members to keep our lodge thriving as a high-performing lodge and hold our title as the “Section All-Around Best Lodge.” So if you plan to attend this year’s Pilgrimage Ordeal, invite other brothers and newly elected candidates in your troop to attend as well!

If you’re an Ordeal member who joined before 2022, I encourage you to come to Pilgrimage and seal your membership by obtaining the Brotherhood Honor. It’s really easy and the requirements can be found here!

Sign up for the ordeal can be found here online, or here for the mail-in!

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