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Name Known AsIssue #Dates IssuedDesigner
White RoundR1Late 1949-1951Charles B. McKee
Tenth AnniversaryR27/23/50Charles B. McKee
Green Round No DotsR3As early as late 1950-1953?Charles B. McKee
Green Round Large 179 DotsR4>>>>>>
Green Round Small 179R5a1953?-1960?Charles B. McKee
Green Round Small 179R5b1953?-1960?Charles B. McKee
Green Round Small 179R5c1953?-1960?Charles B. McKee
45th AnniversaryR61985Terry Honan
50th FeltR71990
92 NOAC RedR8a8/12/92
92 NOAC OrangeR8b8/12/92
92 NOAC Jacket PatchJ18/12/92
The ChenilleC11987Terry Honan
2015 NOAC ChenilleC21/4-6/19/2014Mike Bazonis
Brown Face ChenilleYC11987Terry Honan
Chenille Without FDLYC21987Terry Honan
Voyageur 4 TreeX11962-1970s?
Voyageur 3 TreeX1.51962-1970s?
Green Voyageur SegmentX1.61962-1970s?
Yellow Voyageur SegmentX1.71962-1970s?
Red Voyageur SegmentX1.81962-1970s?
Blue Voyageur SegmentX1.91962-1970s?
Alabama 150 or 69 FellowshipX21969-1971
30th Anniversary ShieldX31970-1971
Biscuits BottomX42006Mike Bazonis
2009 NOAC Delegate BottomX57/9-31/2009Zac Felch
2009 NOAC Trader BottomX67/9-31/2009Mike McDuffee
2012 NOAC DelegateX76/21 - 7/28/2012William Mitchell
2012 NOAC TraderX86/21 - 7/28/2012William Mitchell
River Luggage TagX912/2/12William Mitchell & Mike Bazonis
Island Luggage TagX1012/8/2013 - presentMike Bazonis
Blue Key ChainX1112/8/2013 - presentMatt Harris & Mike Bazonis
NOAC DeerX126/18 - 8/15/2015Mike Bazonis
NOAC DucksX136/18 - 8/15/2015Mike Bazonis
12 Month CamperX145/1/2016 - presentMike Bazonis
10 Month CamperX155/1/2016 - presentMike Bazonis
25th AnniversaryA16/4-5/1965
Horseshoe Bend NeckerchiefN11960s
75th NeckerchiefN24/24 - 5/9/2015Mike Bazonis
Cut Edge NeckerchiefP1a1958-1974
Cut Edge NeckerchiefP1b1958-1974
Three Sash NeckerchiefP21979-1987
Red & Blue NeckerchiefP3a1992-1994, 1997Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Red & Blue NeckerchiefP3b1997-2002Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Red & Black NeckerchiefP3c2003-presentSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
John Dowe FeltF17/8/2009 - presentJason Peoples & Mike Bazonis
Cut Edge BlueS1a1960-1969
Cut Edge YellowS1b1960-1969
Triangle ArrowheadS1c1960-1969
Rolled EdgeS21969-1970
BlankS31970Jack Shaw
DashS4a1970-1976Jack Shaw
DashS4b1970-1976Jack Shaw
DashS4c1970-1976Jack Shaw
Three SashS5a1976-1989Jack Shaw
Three SashS5b1976-1989Jack Shaw
Three SashS5c1976-1989Jack Shaw
79 Host CorpS61979
See YaQS11979
40th AnniversaryS71980
Three SashS8a1976-1989Jack Shaw
Three SashS8b1976-1989Jack Shaw
Three SashS91976-1989Jack Shaw
86 Host CorpS10a1986
Quilted 86 Host CorpS10b1986
Tall Three SashS1110/1989 - 5/1990Jack Shaw
Three SashS121976-1989Jack Shaw
Honan FlapS131988-199088 spring Ordeal attendees
Billboard or 50th AnniversaryS141990David Lewis
90 NOACS151990Steve Willis
Small RedS161991Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Small ElangomatS171991 - 5/1993Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Large RedS18a1992-1994Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Large RedS18b1994Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Large RedS18c1995Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Large RedS18d1995-1996Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
Large RedS18e1996-1998Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
92 NOACS191992David Lewis & Sean K. Ingram
Large ElangomatS201994-2000Sean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
94 Service CorpS211994Jason Peoples
94 NOACS221994JD Giles & Mike Bazonis
96 NOACS231996Kent Lucas & Jason Peoples
Jason PeoplesS241997Jason Peoples & Mike Bazonis
98 NOACS251998Mike Bazonis
Black WillS261999Will Parker
Gold WillS271999Will Parker
Middle ArrowheadS281999Nick Cooper
Left ArrowheadS291999Nick Cooper & LEC
Square OrdealS30a2001Group of adults at 2000 FF
Round OrdealS30b2001-2006Group of adults at 2000 FF
Square BrotherhoodS31a2001Group of adults at 2000 FF
Round BrotherhoodS31b2001-2006Group of adults at 2000 FF
Square VigilS32a2001Group of adults at 2000 FF
Round VigilS32b2001-2006Group of adults at 2000 FF
White ElangomatS335/2001 - 5/2/2009Chris Wells
2002 Host CorpS342002Brandon Arkle
2002 NOACS352002Scotty Keenan & Mike Bazonis
2002 NOAC With WoaS362002Scotty Keenan & Mike Bazonis
Red Feather FundraiserS36.5a2003LEC
Red Feather FundraiserS36.5b2003LEC
2004 NOACS372004Joan Hinkle
2004 NOAC DelegateS382004Joan Hinkle
2005 Host CorpS392005BJ Haisten
65th AnniversaryS402005BJ Haisten
Black Feather FundraiserS41a2004-2006LEC
Black Feather FundraiserS41b2004-2006LEC
Biscuits TopS422006Mike Bazonis
Camp Tuk OrdealS437/26/2006 - 6/12/2008Brandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Camp Tuk BrotherhoodS447/26/2006 - 6/12/2008Brandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Camp Tuk VigilS457/26/2006 - 4/18/2008Brandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Blue LarryS461/27 - 5/4/2007Mike Bazonis
Black LarryS471/27 - 5/4/2007Mike Bazonis
Gold ArrowCorps5S481/5 - 8/1/2008Mike McDuffee
Black ArrowCorps5S491/5/08Mike McDuffee
John DoweS505/4/08Jim Hinkle
White Camp Tuk Scout StuffS51a7/11/2008 - 12/3/2011Brandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
White Camp Tuk 2010S51b6/25/2011 - 8/15/2015Brandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Fire ElangomatS528/22/2008 - presentMike Bazonis
2009 NOAC Delegate TopS537/9-31/2009Zac Felch
2009 NOAC Trader TopS547/9-31/2009Mike McDuffee
2010 ServiceS554/11 - 8/22/2010Mike Bazonis
70th AnniversaryS566/17/10Taylor Foxx
2012 NOAC DelegateS576/21 - 7/28/2012William Mitchell
2012 NOAC TraderS586/21 - 7/28/2012William Mitchell
Hugh MauldinS591/5/13Mike Bazonis
Murica NOAC 2015S606/19/14Mike Bazonis
Alibamu 75thS611/3/15Mike Bazonis
100thS62a6/18 - 8/15/2015Robert Schodorf & Mike Bazonis
100th Lime GreenS62b6/18/15Robert Schodorf & Mike Bazonis
Red 100thS636/18 - 8/15/2015Robert Schodorf & Mike Bazonis
NOAC DeerS646/18 - 8/15/2015Mike Bazonis
NOAC DucksS656/18 - 8/15/2015Mike Bazonis
The GreenS668/14/2015 - presentMike Bazonis
Prism/NextS674/30- 6/16/2016Mike Bazonis
Shovel ServiceS681/7/2016 - presentGarrett Smith
2017 GatheringS694/21-23/2017Mike Bazonis
2017 JamboreeS706/15-8/12/2017Alan Broom
91 Fall FellowshipeX19911992 (came in late)
92 Fall FellowshipeX19921992-1993
93 Fall FellowshipeA19931993-1995Jason Peoples
94 Fall FellowshipeX19941994-1995Danny Cone
95 Fall FellowshipeX19951994-1995Mike Bazonis
96 Fall FellowshipeX199610/11/1996 - 1997Will Parker
98 CamporeeeX1998-11998-1999Darrell Cardwell
98 Camporee StaffeX1998-21998Darrell Cardwell
98 Fall FellowshipeX1998-31998-1999Mike Bazonis
99 Fall FellowshipeA19991999Mike Bazonis
2001 Fall FellowshipeX20012001-2002Mike Bazonis
2002 Fall FellowshipeX20022002-2003
2003 Sink The Hink/PilgrimageeR20032003-2004Matt Smith & Mike Bazonis
2004 Fall FellowshipeX200412/3/04Mike Bazonis
2005 Ordeal BlackeX2005-15/22/05Trey Musgrave
2005 Ordeal BlueeX2005-28/28/05Trey Musgrave
2005 Fall FellowshipeX2005-312/4/05Josh Smith
Blue Batchee BeavereX2006-12006 - 3/13/2009LEC from old design
2006 AllogaganeR2006-25/6/06Mike Bazonis
2006 PilgrimageeR2006-38/27/06Mike Bazonis
2006 Merit Badge DayeR2006-49/6/06Jason Peoples
2006 Fall FellowshipeR2006-512/3/06Lonnie Kelley
2007 Conclave - Rode The BuseX2007-14/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - It's 7:25 On FridayeX2007-24/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Read The NewslettereX2007-34/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Dinner FridayeX2007-44/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Shook Larry's HandeX2007-54/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Hi, I'm Al E. Bamu Are You Mr. Axe?eX2007-64/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Went To The ShoweX2007-74/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Traded Some PatcheseX2007-84/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Saturday MorningeX2007-94/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Went To 4 SessionseX2007-104/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Watched CeremonieseX2007-114/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Bought A CokeeX2007-124/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave -Haven't Had A Patch In Two HourseX2007-134/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Lunch SaturdayeX2007-144/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Played WischixineX2007-154/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Patch #16eX2007-164/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Took A ShowereX2007-174/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Saturday Night GrubeX2007-184/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Got An AwardeX2007-194/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Got 'Em All !!!eX2007-204/20-21/2007Mike Bazonis
2007 AllogaganeX2007-215/6/07Jason Peoples
2007 PilgrimageeX2007-228/26/07Jason Peoples
2007 Merit Badge DayeR2007-239/22/2008 - 1/5/2008Mike Bazonis
2007 Fall FellowshipeX2007-2412/2/07Jason Peoples
Black Batchee BeavereX2008-13/4/2008 - 2/28/2015LEC from old design
2008 AllogaganeX2008-25/4/08Mike Bazonis
2008 Fall FellowshipeX2008-312/7/08Mike Bazonis
2008 PilgrimageeX2008-48/24/08Mike Bazonis
2008 Merit Badge DayeR2008-59/13/08Mike Bazonis
ArrowCorps5 BuseZX2008-67/25/08Mike Conkey
2009 AllogaganeX2009-15/2/09Mike Bazonis
2009 PilgrimageeX2009-28/22/09Mike Bazonis
2009 Fall FellowshipeX2009-312/5/09Mike Bazonis
2009 Merit Badge DayeR2009-49/9/09Mike Bazonis
2010 AllogaganeX2010-15/2/10David Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
2010 PilgrimageeX2010-28/22/10David Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
2010 Merit Badge DayeR2010-39/11/10Nick Felch
2010 Fall FellowshipeX2010-412/5/10David Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
2011 AllogaganeA2011-15/1/11Mike Bazonis
2011 PilgrimageeA2011-28/21/11Mike Bazonis
2011 Merit Badge DayeR2011-39/10- 12/3/2011Braden Anglin
2011 Fall FellowshipeA2011-412/4/11Mike Bazonis
2012 AllogaganeX2012-15/6/12Mike Bazonis
2012 PilgrimageeX2012-28/19/12Mike Bazonis
2012 Merit Badge DayeR2012-39/15/12Braden Anglin
2012 Fall FellowshipeX2012-412/2/12Mike Bazonis
2013 AllogaganeX2013-15/12/13Mike Bazonis
2013 PilgrimageeX2013-28/18/13Mike Bazonis
2013 Fall FellowshipeX2013-312/8/13Mike Bazonis
2014 AllogaganeX2014-15/11/14Mike Bazonis
2014 PilgrimageeX2014-28/17/14Mike Bazonis
2014 Merit Badge DayeR2014-310/11/2014 - 1/7/2017Will Reeder
2014 Fall FellowshipeX2014-412/7/14Mike Bazonis
Green Beaver DayeR2015-12/28/2015 - presentMike McDuffee
2015 AllogaganeX2015-25/10/15Mike Bazonis & Robert Schodorf
2015 PilgrimageeX2015-38/16/15Mike Bazonis & Robert Schodorf
2015 Merit Badge DayeR2015-410/3/15Timothy Jordan
2015 Fall FellowshipeX2015-512/6/15Mike Bazonis & Robert Schodorf
2016 AllogaganeR2016-15/1/16Ryan Jones
2016 PilgrimageeR2016-28/21/16Ryan Jones & Mike Bazonis
2016 Merit Badge DayeR2016-310/8/16Garrett Smith
2016 Fall FellowshipeR2016-412/4/16Ryan Jones
2017 AllogaganeX2017-15/7/17Logan Bozeman
2017 PilgrimageeX2017-28/13/17Logan Bozeman
2017 Merit Badge DayeR2017-39/23/17Kaleb Nichols
2017 Fall FellowshipeX2017-4#######Logan Bozeman
Cahaba NeckerchiefN11960s
Cahaba FlagX11970s
Cahaba BlackX22000 - 2011Hugh Mauldin
Cahaba GreyX32000 - 2011Hugh Mauldin
Cahaba CamporeeeR20002000
MenewaF1Fall 1993Mike Bazonis
Menewa PrototypeYF1Fall 1993Mike Bazonis
TowassaL11960s? 1970s?

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