The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person’s conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to one or more of the following:

  • Lodge
  • Order of the Arrow
  • Scouting community
  • Scout Camp

Under no circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as reason enough for a Vigil Honor recommendation.

Any member of the Order of the Arrow registered in Scouting and in good standing in a regularly chartered lodge is eligible for recommendation to the National Order of the Arrow Committee for elevation to the Vigil Honor provided that, at the time of the recommendation, the individual has been a Brotherhood member for a minimum of two years. A lodge may nominate a maximum of two percent of their registered Arrowmen once a year, through the Vigil Honor petition, found in the annual re-charter packet. At least 50 percent of all nominated must be under 21 at the time of nomination.

By the end of 2016, Alibamu Lodge will have inducted 374 brothers into the Vigil Honor.

DateEnglish NameIndian NameTranslation
00/00/1982Hall, Hilton C. Sr. ApensuwiUseful One
00/00/1982Wilson, BrianMeechgalhukquetRedheaded One
00/00/1982Mercer, AlbertWunitaAble One Who Is Able
00/00/1982Pastorett, RickyNuwingiWilling One
00/00/1989Prescott, HarryKsinelendamGray Fox
00/00/1989Johnson, Steve WesleyHelpful One
00/00/1989Wells, Harold E.LilchpinDiligent One
00/00/1989Lippert, Robert G.NamesSwims Like A Fish
00/00/1989Blackwell, Russell G.GischileuHe Who Has Proven True
8/9/1950Dowe, John J. ApelachiHelper
8/9/1950Lundquist, Robert C. Sr.GahistiskiPeace Maker
5/17/1952Edwards, William H. TsunganiHe Who Excels All Others
6/28/1952Powers, WendallNishkin HalupaEagle Eyed
6/29/1952Crane, William M.GalilahoAmiable One
9/7/1952Osbourne, CurtisAchunanchiOne Who Has Perseverence
6/28/1953Sewell. G.C.YannashBuffalo
6/28/1953Copeland, Gordon L.YanaBear
4/24/1954Hill, Carl R.SalaliSquirrel
6/27/1954Long, W. Rupert Sr.YahahiBear Place
11/21/1954Peithman, RussellNitaBear
11/14/1955Long, W. Rupert Jr.Fala
4/15/1956Gaines, Frank III.ChulaFox
4/15/1956Graham, James F.HihohaThunder
7/22/1956Cherry, BillyIsiDeer
7/22/1956Dunn, SamKintaBeaver
7/22/1956Gardner, CecilTiopaWind
6/30/1957Johnson, Charles H.TatankaBlack Buffalo
6/30/1957Culver, BillyAkhikokaOne Who Is Skillful
6/30/1957Smith, AmosWawokiyeOne Who Helps
6/30/1957Maynor, Tom Jr.WagionThunderbird
9/21/1957Gholston, LewisSi'SilitiBuffalo
1/1/1958Powers, LeeSipisto
1/1/1958Barton, Sam
9/13/1958Myer, WalterBear
7/16/1959Short, John McKayBlack Elk
7/18/1959Harrell, Calvin L.Arrow Chief
8/22/1959Robinson, James Green Leaf
8/22/1959Hill, Ernell R.Eagle Person
8/22/1959Chambers, ColinChief
8/22/1959Guilford, WilliamGraceful Walker
6/17/1960Morthland, DickMakuyiWolf Robe
6/17/1960Grover, Briant Jr.Wolf
6/17/1960Loftin, ColinApeso MuccaRunning Wolf
3/4/1961Cowan, Allan Elk
3/4/1961Strong, TomSikkitsisuMoose Blackfoot
8/27/1961Blackburn, LouisIniweBuffalo
8/27/1961Meredith, JohnKyaiuGrizzly Bear
8/27/1961Abernathy, TommyIssikotuyiDeer
8/27/1961Wolsoncroft, TommySinopahKit Fox
8/27/1961Ausley, WymanNataiyuWild Cat
7/28/1962Horton, DonaldWowashiWorker
7/28/1962Murray, Henry AlanWawoyakaStory Teller
7/28/1962Steele, Felix IIIMatoziYellow Bear
7/28/1962Suydam, Glen LeeWakiconzaA Leader
4/6/1963Rodgers, DouglasWanderer
4/13/1963Malone, ThomasLittle Eagle
9/7/1963Suydam, LeeExpert
9/7/1963Callen, Russell Jr.Young Beaver
9/7/1963Chaney, Charles B.Young Deer
9/7/1963Patterson, Charles L.White Quiver Bl Ft
9/7/1963Harris, RobertEagle
8/1/1964Allen, LawrenceLittle Big Man
8/1/1964Peters, LynnFirst In The Dance
8/1/1964Cornele, Donald E.Red Squirrel
9/12/1964Henderson, Dr. JamesArrow
11/28/1964Dorrough, JohnMedicine Bear
Coleman, TommyOwl
7/23/1965Binford, RonaldRock
7/23/1965Fischer, JimmyBeaver
7/23/1965Dean, Clay H.Owl
7/23/1965Higgins, JohnElk
9/10/1966Kerlin, Charles E.Grizzly Bear Huga Tribe California
8/6/1967Crawford, James
8/6/1967Allen, Dan
8/6/1967Mason, Dub
8/6/1967Hopkins, Harold L.
8/6/1967Lee, Bill
8/9/1967Hare, Billy
8/30/1967Murphy, Thomas
8/30/1967Holt, Robert C.
9/9/1967Mapel, CharlesHonorable One
9/9/1967Corniels, KennethWork One Who Does Good Work
8/3/1968McKenzie, William H.Lucky One
8/3/1968Thames, Allen Q. Jr.PilapeuBig Boy
8/3/1968Parker, Edwin T. Sr.Capable One
8/3/1968Saxon, John L.Writer
8/3/1968Baker, J. A.GiskhoquenWoodcutter
8/3/1968Meeders, DavidOne Who Has Perseverence
8/3/1968Broach, William I. Good Natured One
12/20/1969Noles, RobbieBlue Jay
12/20/1969Harbin, Charles T. IIITo'ka la lu taRed Fox
12/20/1969Sheets, H. LamarBear With A Big Voice
12/20/1969Barnes, DavidGentgeenDancer
12/20/1969Pienezza, JoeBuffalo Bull
12/20/1969Hollon, VaughnAchgeketumTeacher
12/20/1969Harris, KennyFlute Player
12/20/1969Whitson, FredYellow Hawk
12/20/1969Champion, GrahamWorker
12/20/1969Nash, Louie W. Jr.Little Cook
10/31/1970Maney, CharlesWind
10/31/1970Crawford, JosephDancer
10/31/1970Hamilton, William I ni'waBuffalo
10/31/1970Ellis, LeeTrustworthy
10/31/1970Byrd, GeorgeOwl
10/31/1970Bryan, William P.Elk
10/31/1970Quillin, GaryWhite Hawk
7/30/1972Jehle, FrankRo'heh honEnergetic Man
7/30/1972Howard, William J.Na'to ki naTwo Guns
7/30/1972McCurdy, Harry A.Wa wo'ki yeOne Who Helps
7/30/1972Tidwell, SteveTesh kah' heaResting On It
7/30/1972Lessley, DanNi'na caw yu su chesCurly Bear
7/30/1972McKinley, William H.Merry
7/30/1972Eskridge, GeorgeButterfly
7/30/1972Harbin, Fredric W.Woa pa'sumWhite Sunshine
7/28/1973Allen, Dana M.Hin'zegaBrown Hair
7/28/1973Barker, Wallace C. Jr.Ma hpi ya' nit aRed Cloud
7/28/1973Britton, Robert C. Jr.Thunder
7/28/1973Reed, Joseph L.Thae ge tha' biOne Who Is Loved
7/28/1973Lang, William H. Jr.Inexhaustible
7/28/1973Horner, Gregory L.So'yiWades In Water
7/28/1973Willis, Stephen F.Ka ha'gonIn The Forest
7/28/1973Koeppel, Harold G.One Who Is Skillful
7/28/1973Kamena, GeneStrong Deer
7/28/1973Thomas, Joseph G. Jr.Wisdom
8/3/1974Dewitt, Dickson B.Big Rock
8/3/1974Price, Charles A. Zealous One
8/3/1974Milstead, Albert R.Cook
8/3/1974Willis, Mark A.One Who Goes Good Work
8/3/1974Kinsaul, Samuel D.He Who Has Good Spirits
8/3/1974Azar, Thomas J. Jr.Merchant
8/3/1974Martin, Troy H. Jr.One Who Has Confidence
8/3/1974Holland, Richard A.Drum Beater
8/2/1975Keppel, Tim P.Servant Of The Lord
8/2/1975Frazier, ReeseOne Who Is Ready
8/2/1975Davis, WillieDancer
8/2/1975Lucido, JoeTgauchsinFriendly One
8/2/1975Ward, KennethRed Headed One
8/2/1975Speight, Robert M.Accomplished One
8/2/1975Azar, NormanFast Speaker
8/2/1975Franklin. JebCollector
10/30/1976Harris, Riley BennyWischixinOne Who Exerts Himself
10/30/1976Jones, RobertGood News
10/30/1976Seddio, FrankPipe
10/30/1976Morelock, Alfred D.Horse Leader
10/30/1976Tanner, Glen D.Dancer
10/30/1976Tanner, RonaldOne Who Creates With Hands
10/30/1976Jones, Frank W. JrEnergetic Man
10/30/1976Holland, HaroldMedicine Man
10/20/1977Hutchins, RobertInquiring One
10/20/1977Bullard, JohnPatient One
10/20/1977Howard, JohnTall One
10/20/1977Baker, Clay B.Agreeable One
10/20/1977Horton, James N. Companion
12/15/1978Cate, GregBesdekeFox
12/15/1978Reed, RichardWahanksicaBlack Bear
2/16/1979Tanner, NathanWacisaWar Dancer
2/16/1979Andrews, TommyGood Worker
2/16/1979Reedy, Charles E.WowaeintoukaPatient One
8/5/1979Quillin, ClintKlampeechenStill Water
8/5/1979Pearce, Kevin A.PapesuPatient One
8/5/1979McDuffee, MikeWachtschu LennoMountain Man
8/5/1979Whyard, GeneNagatamenReliable One
8/5/1979Richmond, Samuel A. WetochwinkOne Who Is A Father
8/5/1979Reed, Edwin L.GunammochkOtter
8/5/1979Reed, Jack N.AchgeketumTeacher
8/5/1979Fuhr, StanNachpikinTo Be By Nature
7/4/1980Tidwell, Christopher D.LachauwelemanHe Who Is Concerned
7/4/1980Fuhr, DonGischihanOne Who Creates With His Hands
7/4/1980Jones, DavidPendamenUnerstanding One
7/4/1980Suydam, DouglasLauchsoheenOne Who Makes Others Happy
7/4/1980Spraggins, LynnGihimOne Who Encourages
7/4/1980Mathews, MichaelWulihanHe Who Does Good For Others
10/11/1980Cooper, Alan B. GanegeChief
10/10/1981Livings, JoelGolden Eagle
10/10/1981Toellner, DavidWolf
10/10/1981Smith, Horace T.Outstanding Service
10/10/1981Gaston, JeffGrizzly Bear
10/10/1981Pastorett, Richard C.Hard Worker
10/20/1984Baker, William P.Da At'Ga DossOn The Watch
10/20/1984Parker, C. MarshallHa'NiRiver
10/20/1984Tinneny, ChrisMon'ChuBear
10/20/1984Hinkle, James EvanTakachsinLeader
10/20/1984Sellers, SteveNah'Tah Ni Yez'ZiLittle Chief
1/4/1986Merrell, BradleyGamunumun KlamachpinOne Who Leads Quietly
1/4/1986Parker, David C. Sr.AchgeketumTeacher
7/25/1986Ruckman, TimKlamachpinQuiet One
7/25/1986Giles, Daniel T. IIIAchowalogenHard Worker
7/25/1986Sharpton, Lester M.KlamhattenaminCalm-Minded One
7/25/1986James, TimothyGunaguotTall One
7/25/1986Mercer, RonaldTgauchsinFriendly One
10/17/1987Ratterree, Hulic B. Sr.KikeyAged One
10/17/1987Crisler, J. KevinStrong One
10/17/1987McCormick, Fred M.AmangiLarge One
10/17/1987Crisler, Clifton W.AchewonBearded One
10/17/1987Honan, Mathew T. TangettoSmall One
10/17/1987Parker, David C. Jr.GachpallenLifesaver
10/17/1987McCormick, MackKschochwenFast Walker
10/15/1988Ratterree, ChipLungwamenDreamer
10/15/1988Lewis, David W.Amangi GentgeenBid Dancer
10/15/1988Harrell, Calvin L. IVLekeLoyal One
10/15/1988Giles, John DavidTakachsinLeader
10/15/1988Clement, James D.Sisilija ElgigunkhakiHe Who Flies
10/15/1988Holmes, RonnieTgauchsinFriendly One
2/8/1991Wells, BryanPatient One
2/8/1991Giles, Daniel T. Jr.TakachsinOne Who Sees
2/8/1991Burns, KennethAschowinSwimmer
2/8/1991Odaware, JohnGiskhuquenWood Cutter
10/19/1991Hinkle, James ElmerWulaptonaelchukquonkOne Who Adocates Our Cause
10/19/1991Turner, TerryBoy King
10/19/1991Marquette, FredMbi Pemsit AchgeketumOne Who Teaches Water Walking
10/19/1991Ingram, John E.One Who Sacrifices
10/19/1991Burns, Liston R.One Who Encourages
10/19/1991Washington, DennisAchewonSpiritual One
10/19/1991Sherman, MerrillHe Who Has Proven True
10/19/1991Ingram, Shon E.Drum Beating Bear
9/25/1992Ingram Sean K.Gegeyjumet NugeuchsowaganChief Who Has Confidence
9/25/1992Hattaway, ScottAchoweledumDeep Thinker
9/25/1992Stapler, Robert IIIWitschindinOne Who Assists
9/25/1992Purser, Jack Jr.WulatejuJust One
9/25/1992Stewart, CraigGettemagelensit WulowachtauwoapinHumble One Who Looks Beyond
10/8/1993Nichols, Mark A.Lilchpin TschitanissohenDiligent One Who Strengthens
10/8/1993Gonce, WilsonGettemagelensit WunitaHumble One Who Knows How
10/8/1993Neeck, MikeSachgachtoon Guttgennemen WeuchsowaganCook Who Gives Back Knowledge
10/8/1993Lucas, Danon JoelWannessin Gattopuin Amangiechsin AchpamsForgetful Hungry Loud Speaker Who Hikes
9/29/1994Hinkle, Joan E.Woakus AnatschitonFox Who Cares
9/29/1994Johnson, Jason W.Wischiki WunitaBusy One Who Is Able
6/23/1995Stephenson, Paul T.SachgachtoonCook
6/23/1995Lucas, DanielAchowelendamDeep Thinker
6/23/1995Peoples, Jason E.KittlelendamwaganEarnest One
6/23/1995Wilson, LeithAchpamsinHiker
6/23/1995Essman, Louis SkipTuneywulallogewaganBearded One Who Does Good Work
6/23/1995Akin, AndyMachquemechmau WikenkBear Camper
6/23/1995Parker, WillNageuchsowaganOne Who Has Confidence
6/23/1995Lucas, Kent WischixinsanquenNimble Weasel
6/1/1996Tidwell, Stephen A. Jr.GentgeenDancer
6/11/1996Gaut, JimTgauchsin AllogaganFriendly Servant
6/11/1996Mauldin, HughWulapejuHonorable One
6/11/1996Saunders, JustinWischikiBusy One
6/11/1996Morgan, William T. WitschemanHelpful One
6/11/1996Gates, DarrylGischachsummenOne Who Enlightens
6/11/1996Strachan, KevinLilchpinDiligent One
6/11/1996Gates, ScottTgauchsinFriendly One
10/13/1996Bazonis, Mike D.MemhallundTrader
6/10/1997Bailey, JasonGettemagelensit WulaogewagenHumble One Who Does Good Work
6/10/1997Shipley, Phillip Eli Achgiguwen LennoJolly Man
6/10/1997Bosarge, BrettMacheu Elangomat WeuchsowaganGreat Friend Who Is Knowledgeable
6/10/1997Parrish, BillApendamen Tindey WachejeuOne Who Enjoys The Firelight
6/10/1997Prescott, BoAllowat Gentgeen Awen TakachsinMighty Dancer Who Leads
6/10/1997Thomas, BillWilawilihan TgauchsinGenerous Friendly One
6/12/1998Taylor, ThatcherPedhakquon Gentgeen MucliwoapingusThundering Dancing Opossum
6/12/1998Blair, JustinWitscheman Apendamen NachpikinHelpful One Who Enjoys Nature
6/12/1998Compton, ChrisTalattauwoapin PemapuchkGeologist
6/12/1998Cardwell, DarrellGegeyjumhet Untschi PemapuchktowinLeader From Rockford
6/12/1998Cooper, JohnMeechgalhukquot Tumb TachanigeuRed Haired Forester
6/29/1998Beam, PaulPakantschiechen AnatschitonAccomplished One Who Cares
6/10/1999Powell, MattElangomat Auwan Abtschi AchpequotFriend Who Is Always Wounded
6/10/1999Frasier, MacWingolquchsik PommisgenCheerful Hiker
6/10/1999Zuelzke, ScottTachpachiwi WulalogewaganHumble Worker
6/10/1999Blair, SteveAlagischgu WitschemanSpends His Day Helping Others
6/10/1999Arkle, BrandonAmangi ElangomatGreat Friend
6/10/1999Lucas, HenryWischixsin MachqueActive Bear
6/29/2000Bonner, JoelMajawat Auwen AchowalogenOne Who Works Hard
6/29/2000Munday, ChristopherSakima Wulinamen AchpamsinChief Who Likes Hiking
6/29/2000Johnson, TroyWewingtonheet Names PilapeuBabbling Phish Boy
6/29/2000Cyrus, JuneNuwingiWilling One
6/9/2001Dicks, EdwardWitalogen WulatenamoaganWorks With Happiness
7/18/2001Bonner, BillWitawemak BambilHe Who Lives By The Book
7/18/2001Bosarge, BradyLangomuwinaxin AllumFriendly Moose
7/18/2001Smith, ChrisAllowat Nachpi Mechen MilachChief With Big Hair
7/18/2001Cyrus, WalkerLilchpin Alloge'WaganWilling Worker
7/18/2001Lucas, StephenApendamen Wulinamen LewehhelleuCreative One Who Likes Music
6/25/2002Wells, ChrisWewingtonheet AwullakenimBabbler Who Praises
6/25/2002Moses, JohnSachgachtoon Witochwen WiechennCook Who Travels With Kitchen
6/25/2002Whittington, ScottWitscheman MajawiHelpful One
6/25/2002Bonner, JDPilapeu Elsit Papabin PiliBig Boy Who Does Ceremonies
6/25/2002Hartin, JayLungwamenDreamer
6/25/2002McEwen, ChipAchtu ElauwitDeer Hunter
6/25/2002Price, AllenGachpallanLifeguard
6/19/2003Smith, MattSakima Woapalanne SkalietisoChief And Eagle Scout
6/19/2003Burghardt, SteveSachgachtoon Alloge'Wagan AmemensCook Who Works For The Youth
6/19/2003Frederick, LawrenceLilchpinDiligent One
6/19/2003Bozeman, BobbyNuwingiWilling One
6/19/2003Goff, John Sr.Auwen Janewi JulakHe Who Is Always There
6/19/2003Patterson, SamAchowat AllogaganHard Worker
6/19/2003Harper, JakeNektinquot Achtu ElauwitOne Eyed Deer Hunter
6/9/2004Jones, JoeAchowalogenHard Worker
6/9/2004LaMarque, JonPtlikiiikan Tachan AchigiguwenRound Ball And Stick Player
6/9/2004MacDonald, Peter W.Achupiquon PapabillGuitar Player
6/9/2004Arkle, Jordan Wulatschimolsin PommissinFriendly Hiker
6/9/2004Chandler, DavidMischenummen ChitquenGets Deep Water
6/15/2005Haisten, Bobby JamesElangomat Chasquem AllumFriend Of The Corn Dog
6/15/2005Leger, PatAchquidhakamike NochnutemaliwetLand Keeper
6/15/2005Smith, KathyLilchpin Alloge'WaganWilling Worker
6/15/2005Smith, Joshua P. T.Mauwi Nimat TindeyHe Who Tells Brothers Of Fire
6/15/2005Clark, DeborahPilawetschitsch TakindamenOne The Boys Can Count On
6/15/2005Newton, LarryAtta Tschetschpi KikeyjumhetUnequaled Leader
6/15/2005Musgrave, TreyTgauchsin Allogagan KlamachpinFriendly One Who Serves Quietly
6/19/2006Rittmann, JimmyElangomat WuntschiFriend We Rely Upon
6/19/2006Kelley, LonnieAschowin KtemaqueSwimming Beaver
6/19/2006Terry, KevinTschitanissowaoan NetopalisEnergetic Warrior
6/19/2006Chandler, MattLilchpin AllogaganDiligent Worker
6/19/2006Arkle, DonLippoe WikheuWise Builder
5/20/2008Trimmell, CodyTgauchin WischixinFriendly Active One
5/20/2008Chappell, DonNagatamenReliable One
5/20/2008Burt, JonathanNuwingiWilling One
5/20/2008Johnson, RobertAschowin WitahemanSwimming Commissioner
6/1/2009Rittmann, JimLinachgechtinCrafter
6/1/2009Whiteard, SharonWingolauchsik AchgeketumCheerful Teacher
6/1/2009Denham, DustinOhchepelantpeHe Who Has Very Curly Hair
6/1/2009Schodorf, BrandonSchachachgepewi AllogaganHonest Servant
6/1/2009Ehrlich, DavidKekeleksu WojaliweLaughing Chief
6/1/2009Chappell, BenPapabiii HitawkePlayful Dancer
6/20/2013Carlisle, MathewOmiyetv Eto TvstvmkeSwimming Tree Warrior
6/19/2015Andrews, MarkSerolope Cufe-esse LakcvpeStubborn Flannel Oak
7/00/1971Honan, TerryGuide
7/00/1971McCurdy, DavidWa ku'taShooter
7/00/1971Kaan, DennisWind
7/00/1971Brannon, Charles E.A na'to kiPretty Head
7/00/1971Brady, GlennHo'sa ho hoLarge Mouth
7/00/1971Piper, WayneFire Fly
7/00/1971Mills, RichardEn a Ban' dangDreamer
7/00/1971Griffin, PalmerA co su'wa ches miMany Tail Feathers
8/00/1983Barnes, AubreyDaka SriklontyeFlying Messenger
8/00/1983Richey, Doug So Ge Wa AhSmall Speech
8/00/1983Hall, Tony Wo Wa SkiWorker
8/00/1983Lundberg, BobHo Sgua SagadahWoodsman
10/9/2007Hatcher, TonyTgauchsin WitahentinFriendly Helper
10/9/2007Mims, OwenKlamachpin AllogewaganQuiet Worker
10/9/2007Hatcher, DanWulalooewagan ElangomellanGood Friend
10/9/2007Venable, BenGluxu WoaxacheyLaughing Fox
10/9/2007Haisten, PaytonWulantowaganHe Who Has Good Spirits
8/21/2010Easterling, StevenSulke Oketv EnhesseMany Time Friend
8/21/2010Carpenter, James Jr.Pokko-takketv PokkeccvSoccer Player
8/21/2010Yost, GlennHerome Este-honvnwv VtokyehatteGenerous Man of Electricity
8/21/2010Livings, CharlieHoporrene Nvfketv-nafkvWise Drummer
8/21/2010Simmons, MichaelPucase Hesaketv VhecicvMaster Life Guard
8/19/2011Yost, AustinEnhonre Em Volmhv 'SetenyoposketvAmbitious Patch Trader
8/19/2011Mummert, MikeNucetv Ofv Cuko-eshakvCamper
8/19/2011Ehrlich, BarryToknap-palv EstvcakoLending Commissioner
8/19/2011Mask, JakeVkvsvmkv Oruse Hompetv-cuko VtotkvFaithful Kitchen Worker
8/19/2011Morris, GeoffreyEnhomahtv Ohvpelkv-hakvJoking Guide
8/19/2011Felch, NickAfvcke EroHappy Squirrel
8/19/2011Minor, RickyKaccv Em EnhonretvDependable Tiger
8/19/2011Foxx, TaylorNokosuce Restv LentaphueretvCub Adventurer
8/18/2012Clack, WillPvfne OpunayvFast Talker
8/18/2012Mitchell, WilliamRakke Opunvkv VpoktvBig Talking Twin
8/18/2012Anglin, BradenHerke Rakrvke EtecakkatFriendly Big Brother
8/18/2012Mitchell, JohnAkkopanv EkvesselaneActor With Blonde Locks
8/18/2012Clack, CharlesMekko Tvlako VhvmkvtetvChief Bean Counter
8/17/2013Jones, RyanVpeletv Ponnecetv HomahtvGrinning Football Leader
8/17/2013Jones, MikeEnfvyvtetv Cutke EsteLeader of the Little People
8/17/2013Carlisle, HunterVpeletv Esletketv OhliketvLaughing Bike Rider
8/17/2013Schodorf, ScottVpeswv Hompetv-HakvSteak Cooking Commissioner
8/17/2013Harris, MattAfvcke Pofketv HayecetvFriendly Trumpet Player
12/4/2013Thompson, WillCvtolane Estecate EtewvkevetvBronzed Indian Wrestler
8/16/2014Scheierman, JosephOketv afvcke vpelkv-hakv onvyetv Loud Happy Comedian
8/16/2014Schodorf, RobertHvmken Esti VcahnetvOne Who Encourages
8/16/2014Pinkston, DavidFekhvmke HvmkenWilling One
8/16/2014Coleman, DavidHere Em Monkv HvmkenGood Natured One
8/16/2014Able, JamesAfvcke HvmkenFriendly One
8/16/2014Reeder, WilliamEwiketv 'Svyetv Este-HonvnwvDedicated Go To Man
8/1/2015Whatley, BillHvpo Hayetv Vhakv-hayvCamping Lawyer
8/1/2015Austin KelseyHymken Herome VfvstetvOne Who Selflessly Serves
8/1/2015Smith, MarvinMahetvTall One
8/1/2015Scheierman, MattYekce-mahe VhecicvPowerful Guard
8/1/2015Clack, AndyHvmken Vpvketv Escuneckv-rakkoOne With Big Truck
8/1/2015Kelsey, RickEwiketv Homahtv Este-honvntakeDedicted Leader of Men
8/20/2016Hunter GayYekce Oklane Pokko HayecetvStrong Tennis Player
8/20/2016Mac ThompsonAfvcke Homahtv EtecakkatFriendly Leader of His Brothers
8/20/2016Bozeman, LoganEstofis TayeAlways Right
8/20/2016Huff, DougVkvsvmkv Oruse VfvstetvFaithful Servant
8/20/2016Killough, TimAfvcke VnicvCheerful Helper
7/30/1972Glass, JimA po to ye'siWhite Grass
3/11/2017Moton, James