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Pilgrimage Ordeal
As most of you know this year is the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. To commemorate this, the lodge is holding a rededication Ordeal at the Pilgrimage. This Ordeal will be like any other with the one exception: that brothers who are already Arrowmen will go through their Ordeal again. They will go through their own Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ceremonies with their own rededication ceremonialists. The purpose of the rededication is for all Arrowmen, whether you are an Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil member, to rededicate themselves to the Order. I would like to encouraged everyone to participate. You can still attend the Ordeal and not rededicate. Do not let that keep you from coming. sign up via online or snailmail

camping award
12 month camper award
Do you like to go camping? Does your troop go camping every month? If so we've got a new award you and your troop can earn. The requirements are pretty easy. If your troop holds a real campout once a month for twelve months straight you'll qualify for this award. We also have a ten month award for troops that cannot make twelve happen. The full requirements are on the forms page. Please let your SPL and Scoutmaster know about this. We want to have many of our troops to earn this award in this first year.



Merit Badge Day
Merit Badge Day

The Merit Badge day will be on October 3 at Frazer United Methodist Church in Pratville the rest of the information is here



100th Anniversary NOAC & Arrowman Service Award

There is still time to sign up for the 100th anniversary NOAC. We'll travel August 1-8, 2015. We're stopping at Kings Island theme park on the way to Michigan State University. Contact us at today!

Check out the requirements for the 100th anniversary Arrowman Service Award. This is one of just three patches you can wear on your sash!
Youth requirements
Adult requirements

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Troop OA Elections
New troop OA election forms and adult nomination forms are available for 2014. Please be sure contact your chapter chief and to use the new forms. Troops should not conduct their own elections.
Browse through our extensive collection of photographs taken throughout the years. If you would like to have your pictures posted, email them to .
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