Alabama Lodge

 Name Known AsIssue #Border ColorBorder TypeBack ground ColorName Color# IssuedSize in mmDates IssuedRestrictionsDesignerComments
patch-ala-s1Yellow AlabamaS1YELRWHTBLU996119x571/2000 - 4/2000NoneMike Bazonis
patch-ala-s2Mini AlabamaS2YELCWHTBLU101256x271/2000 - 10/2000NoneMike Bazonis
patch-ala-s3NOAC 2000S3GRNRWHTBLU550120x581/2000 - 10/2000DelegatesMike Bazonis
patch-ala-s4Blue AlabamaS4BLURWHTBLU2000118x555/2000 - 10/2000NoneMike Bazonis
patch-ala-hs1Purple Mountains MajestyHS1PURRM/CYEL550126x578/16-17/2014NoneRyan Jones
patch-ala-c1Alabama ChenilleC1RED>>>BLUWHT298143x961/2000 - 4/2000NoneMike Bazonis60th anniversary patch
patch-ala-x1Alabama Key ChainX1WHTCBLUWHT20064x271/2000 - 4/2001NoneMike Bazonis
patch-ala-ex20002000 Fall FellowshipeX2000DBLCWHTGRN30010/2000NoneMike Bazonis

Alibamu Lodge

 Name Known AsIssue #Border ColorBorder TypeBack ground ColorName Color# IssuedSize in mmDates IssuedRestrictionsDesignerComments
patch-r1White RoundR1REDCWHTBLK43077Late 1949-1951Bro & Vig onlyCharles B. McKee104 sewn on GRN neckerchief. WHT fades to BEG. Very WHT patches are hard to find.
patch-r2Tenth AnniversaryR2RED>>>WHTRED254897/23/1950NoneCharles B. McKee
patch-r3Green Round No DotsR3GRNCGRYRED220?76As early as late 1950-1953?UnknownCharles B. McKee
Green Round Large 179 DotsR4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Does not exist, see R5c
patch-r5aGreen Round Small 179R5aGRNCGRYRED220?771953?-1960?UnknownCharles B. McKeeDots, neck touches 7&9, has twill eye
patch-r5bGreen Round Small 179R5bGRNCGRYRED220?771953?-1960?UnknownCharles B. McKeeDots, neck touches 1&7
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Green Round Small 179R5cGRNCGRYRED220?771953?-1960?UnknownCharles B. McKeeDots, neck touches 7&9, has no eye
patch-r645th AnniversaryR6REDRWHTBLK220?751985NoneTerry Honan
patch-r750th FeltR7RED>>>WHTRED300821990Unknown50 were glued on certificates
patch-r8a92 NOAC RedR8aRED>>>WHTRED400898/12/19921 per person
patch-r8b92 NOAC OrangeR8bORG>>>WHTORG400898/12/19921 per person
patch-j192 NOAC Jacket PatchJ1RED>>>WHTRED601808/12/1992Delegates
patch-c1The ChenilleC1RED>>>WHTRED1313219872 per team member & adviserTerry Honan
patch-c22015 NOAC ChenilleC2RED>>>WHTBLU300191x911/4-6/19/2014NoneMike BazonisHalf were sold on the internet. NOAC fundraiser
patch-yc1Brown Face ChenilleYC1RED>>>WHTRED21321987NoneTerry HonanPrototype. The wrong color was used for the face
patch-yc2Chenille Without FDLYC2RED>>>WHTRED21321987NoneTerry HonanPrototype. The Scout executive required a FDL be added
patch-x1Voyageur 4 TreeX1BLKCM/CBLK83x761962-1970s?1 per tripThere are 4 brown tree trunks
patch-x1_5Voyageur 3 TreeX1.5BLKCM/CBLK83x761962-1970s?1 per tripThere are 3 brown tree trunks
patch-x1_6Green Voyageur SegmentX1.6GRNCGRN>>>1962-1970s?1 per tripGiven for second Voyageur trip
patch-x1_7Yellow Voyageur SegmentX1.7YELCYEL>>>1962-1970s?1 per tripGiven for third Voyageur trip
patch-x1_8Red Voyageur SegmentX1.8REDCRED>>>1962-1970s?1 per tripGiven for fourth Voyageur trip
patch-x1_9Blue Voyageur SegmentX1.9BLUCBLU>>>1962-1970s?1 per tripGiven for fifth Voyageur trip
patch-x2Alabama 150 or 69 FellowshipX2REDRLBLRED92x731969-1971Unknown
30th Anniversary ShieldX3REDRM/CRED102x771970-1971Unknown
Biscuits BottomX4DBLRGRNWHT750129x1212006NoneMike Bazonis
2009 NOAC Delegate BottomX5SMYRM/CBLK285125x1127/9-31/200910 per delegateZac FelchThe Montgomery Riverwalk Ampitheather was the inspiration for this patch
2009 NOAC Trader BottomX6WHTRDBL>>>600125x1127/9-31/200950 to lodge, rest to delegatesMike McDuffee
2012 NOAC DelegateX7BLKR/CM/CBLK500125x1056/21 - 7/28/201210 per delegateWilliam Mitchell
2012 NOAC TraderX8BRNR/CLBLBRN500125x1056/21 - 7/28/201230 to lodge, rest to delegatesWilliam Mitchell
River Luggage TagX9WHTRM/CRED100115x64x12/2/2012Round robinWilliam Mitchell & Mike Bazonis
Island Luggage TagX10BLKRM/CPCH200112x6512/8/2013 - presentNoneMike Bazonis
Blue Key ChainX11WHTCBLUWHT30062x2412/8/2013 - presentNoneMatt Harris & Mike Bazonis
NOAC DeerX12BRNRM/CRED750127x1156/18 - 8/15/2015NoneMike Bazonis
NOAC DucksX13GRYRM/CRED500127x1156/18 - 8/15/2015DelegatesMike Bazonis
12 Month CamperX14GMYRM/C>>>1505/1/2016 - presentPer 12 months camping, 1 per personMike BazonisIssued by the lodge to council members
10 Month CamperX15BLKRM/C>>>2005/1/2016 - presentPer 10 months camping, 1 per personMike BazonisIssued by the lodge to council members
25th AnniversaryA1REDCORGBLK22078x1006/4-5/1965None
Horseshoe Bend NeckerchiefN1GRY>>>GRY>>>1960sUnknown
75th NeckerchiefN2WHTPBLU>>>200152x1174/24 - 5/9/2015Round robinMike Bazonis
Cut Edge NeckerchiefP1aYELCLBLRED612 signed for176x1531958-19741 per life, Bro & Vigil1 per life at Brotherhood
Cut Edge NeckerchiefP1bYELCLBLRED176x1531958-19741 per life, Bro & Vigil1 per life at Brotherhood
Three Sash NeckerchiefP2BLKRM/CRED102 signed for123x1521979-19871 per life, Bro & Vigil1 per life at Brotherhood
Red & Blue NeckerchiefP3aBLKRREDYEL110175x1571992-1994, 19971 per life, Bro & VigilSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner1 per life at Brotherhood, thiner face details
Red & Blue NeckerchiefP3bBLKRREDYEL100173x1551997-20021 per life, Bro & VigilSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner1 per life at Brotherhood, thicker face details
Red & Black NeckerchiefP3cBLKRREDYEL203177x1582003-present1 per life, Bro & VigilSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner1 per life at Brotherhood, rounded side corners
John Dowe FeltF1SMYRBLKSMY420128x587/8/2009 - present$75+ donationJason Peoples & Mike BazonisIndividually numbered
Cut Edge BlueS1aYELCLBLRED123x591960-19691 per functionBLU base material
Cut Edge YellowS1bYELCLBLRED123x591960-19691 per functionYEL base material
Triangle ArrowheadS1cYELCLBLRED123x591960-19691 per functionVery geometric triangle
Rolled EdgeS2YELRLBLRED220116x521969-19701 per function
BlankS3BLKRM/CRED220122x5419701 per functionJack ShawThe lodge held it's 30th anniversary celebration at fall fellowship at Camp Talasi. An LEC was held and it was decided to change the lodge patch design which was the Rolled Edge. The design changed at the 10th anniversary (White Round to Green Round) and at the 20th anniversary (Green Round to Cut Edge). The LEC thought the patch should change for the 30th anniversary also. Jack Shaw's design was chosen. This flap was originally an unauthorized loom run from a new manufacturer ordered by the Cahaba Chapter adviser. He then approached the LEC with the flaps, suggesting we use the new manufacturer. The quality was so poor the LEC rejected the new source. The LEC initially wanted the flaps destroyed, but at the request of the adviser, reluctantly decided to "authorize" the one run of flaps as "trader flaps" because he had paid for them out of his pocket. Flaps at the time were restricted.
DashS4aBLKRM/CRED220?MVE1970-19761 per functionJack ShawDash between Alibamu & 179, WHT back, flat rolled edge
DashS4bBLKRM/CRED220?MVE1970-19761 per functionJack ShawDash between Alibamu & 179, BLU back, flat rolled edge
DashS4cBLKRM/CRED220?MVE1970-19761 per functionJack ShawDash between Alibamu & 179, WHT back, partial regular rolled edge - LIKELY DOES NOT EXIST
Three SashS5aBLKRM/CREDMVE1976-1989NoneJack ShawAny three sash with a cloth back is a S5a
Three SashS5bBLKRM/CREDMVE1976-1989NoneJack ShawFat, thick Ws
Three SashS5cBLKRM/CREDMVE1976-1989NoneJack ShawWide, thin Ws
79 Host CorpS6BLKRM/CRED220123x621979Unknown
See YaQS1BLKRM/CRED2201979NoneSE-4A misspelled as SE-YA. The lodge sent them back to the patch company. Someone from Mobile or Montgomery bought them from the company and they made it into circulation.
40th AnniversaryS7YELRLBLRED440120x541980Unknown
Three SashS8aBLKRM/CRED125x521976-1989NoneJack ShawPointed bottom, 68mm name
Three SashS8bBLKRM/CRED125x521976-1989NoneJack ShawRounded bottom, 65mm name
Three SashS9BLKRM/CRED118x501976-1989NoneJack ShawThick, touching lettering
86 Host CorpS10aREDRTURRED200119x5319861 per 8 hours serviceStraight 9
Quilted 86 Host CorpS10bREDRTURRED200117x5319861 per 8 hours serviceCurved 9
Tall Three SashS11BLKRM/CRED220117x5210/1989 - 5/19901 per personJack ShawHorizontal BLU, tall looking
Three SashS12BLKRM/CRED220117x521976-1989UnknownJack ShawHorizontal BLU
Honan FlapS13YELRLBLRED1000115x501988-1990None88 spring Ordeal attendeesThe lodge could not afford to purchase flaps at this time. Terry Honan helped finance the purchase in exchange for buying bricks of flaps for himself.
Billboard or 50th AnniversaryS14GMYRM/CRED220145x671990UnknownDavid Lewis
90 NOACS15YELRTURRED220122x581990UnknownSteve Willis
Small RedS16BLKRREDYEL415105x511991NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerWhen the design was sent to the patch company we did not specify the size of the patch. They made it the same size as the drawing. 105x51mm
Small ElangomatS17YELRREDYEL85104x511991 - 5/19931 per elangomat & ceremony teamSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner104x51mm
Large RedS18aBLKRREDYEL600123x561992-1994NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerPlastic back, stitching to left
Large RedS18bBLKRREDYEL300124x551994NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerCloth back
Large RedS18cBLKRREDYEL400123x561995NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerPlastic back, stitching to left, BRN lockstitch
Large RedS18dBLKRREDYEL300123x571995-1996NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerPlastic back, stitching to right
Large RedS18eBLKRREDYEL1000123x561996-1998NoneSean K. Ingram & Terry TurnerRED plastic back
92 NOACS19BLKRDBLRED600118x57199230 per delegateDavid Lewis & Sean K. Ingram
Large ElangomatS20YELRREDYEL250122x511994-20001 per elangomat, ceremony team, ordeal master; lodge chief 1 per yearSean K. Ingram & Terry Turner
94 Service CorpS21DBLRM/CBLK381124x6319941 per 6 hours serviceJason PeoplesOriginally the feathers hung off the patch. The lodge adviser didn't like that so the feathers were pushed up and the patch company turned them upside down.
94 NOACS22BLKRM/CWHT328122x63199423 per delegateJD Giles & Mike Bazonis
96 NOACS23YELRBLURED389118x57199650 to lodge, rest to delegatesKent Lucas & Jason Peoples
Jason PeoplesS24ORGRBLUBLK1200124x601997NoneJason Peoples & Mike Bazonis1997 region chief
98 NOACS25BLKRM/CRED1079104x531998NoneMike Bazonis
Black WillS26BLKRM/CYEL585118x571999NoneWill Parker1999 national chief
Gold WillS27GMYRM/CYEL1081118x571999NoneWill Parker1999 national chief
Middle ArrowheadS28YELRREDYEL500122x571999NoneNick CooperThe Indian was too small so he was moved on the reorder
Left ArrowheadS29YELRREDYEL1000126x571999NoneNick Cooper & LEC
Square OrdealS30aGRNRGRYRED410123x582001NoneGroup of adults at 2000 FF
Round OrdealS30bGRNRGRYRED2013121x592001-2006NoneGroup of adults at 2000 FF
Square BrotherhoodS31aREDRWHTBLK310123x582001Bro & Vig onlyGroup of adults at 2000 FF
Round BrotherhoodS31bREDRWHTBLK1508123x582001-2006Bro & Vig onlyGroup of adults at 2000 FF
Square VigilS32aGMYRWHTRED210123x582001Vig onlyGroup of adults at 2000 FF
Round VigilS32bGMYRWHTRED1007123x582001-2006Vig onlyGroup of adults at 2000 FF
White ElangomatS33WHTRM/CWHT210123x585/2001 - 5/2/20091 per elangomat, ceremony team, ordeal master; lodge chief 1 per yearChris Wells
2002 Host CorpS34REDRBLUWHT450125x5620021 per 8 hours serviceBrandon Arkle
2002 NOACS35WHTRWHTWHT500120x57200250 to lodge, rest to delegatesScotty Keenan & Mike Bazonis
2002 NOAC With WoaS36BLURM/CRED1100120x57200250 to lodge, 550 to Woa Cholena, rest to delegatesScotty Keenan & Mike BazonisWe shared a bus with Woa Cholena Lodge
Red Feather FundraiserS36.5aWHTRM/CRED298129x572003NoneLECRED feather, WHT lockstitch
Red Feather FundraiserS36.5bWHTRM/CRED300129x572003NoneLECRED feather, GRY lockstitch
2004 NOACS37BLKRWHTBLK609121x65200450 to lodge, rest to delegatesJoan Hinkle
2004 NOAC DelegateS38GMYRWHTBLK191121x65200410 per delegateJoan Hinkle
2005 Host CorpS39GRYRDRDBLU300125x6820051 per 7 hours serviceBJ Haisten
65th AnniversaryS40SMYRBLKWHT300128x572005Round robinBJ Haisten
Black Feather FundraiserS41aWHTRM/CRED298129x572004-2006NoneLECBLK feather, WHT lockstitch
Black Feather FundraiserS41bWHTRM/CRED300129x572004-2006NoneLECBLK feather, GRY lockstitch
Biscuits TopS42DBLRGRNWHT750129x572006NoneMike Bazonis
Camp Tuk OrdealS43BLURBLUYEL800118x567/26/2006 - 6/12/2008NoneBrandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Camp Tuk BrotherhoodS44GRNRBLUYEL700118x567/26/2006 - 6/12/2008Bro & Vig onlyBrandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Camp Tuk VigilS45SMYRBLUSMY600118x567/26/2006 - 4/18/2008Vig onlyBrandon Arkle & Mike Bazonis
Blue LarryS46BLURM/CWHT550121x631/27 - 5/4/200750 to lodge, rest to LarryMike Bazonis2007 national vice chief
Black LarryS47BLKRM/CWHT550121x631/27 - 5/4/2007Round robinMike Bazonis2007 national vice chief
Gold ArrowCorps5S48GMYRWHTRED350127x571/5 - 8/1/2008Round robinMike McDuffee
Black ArrowCorps5S49BMYRWHTRED160127x571/5/2008Round robinMike McDuffee
John DoweS50BLKRM/CRED410121x575/4/2008Round robinJim Hinkle
White Camp Tuk Scout StuffS51aWHTRBLUWHT2002127x607/11/2008 - 12/3/2011NoneBrandon Arkle & Mike BazonisHas a Scout Stuff plastic backing
White Camp Tuk 2010S51bWHTRBLUWHT2000127x606/25/2011 - 8/15/2015NoneBrandon Arkle & Mike BazonisHas a 2010 plastic backing
Fire ElangomatS52BLKRM/CBLK250122x568/22/2008 - present1 per elangomat, ceremony team, ordeal master; lodge chief 1 per yearMike Bazonis
2009 NOAC Delegate TopS53SMYRDBLRED285129x577/9-31/200910 per delegate, most ordered 5Zac Felch
2009 NOAC Trader TopS54WHTRDBLWHT6007/9-31/200950 to lodge, rest to delegatesMike McDuffee
2010 ServiceS55GLORM/CRED446126x604/11 - 8/22/20101 per 7 hours serviceMike Bazonis
70th AnniversaryS56REDRGRYBLK300126x576/17/2010Round robinTaylor Foxx
2012 NOAC DelegateS57BLKR/CPURBLK500125x556/21 - 7/28/201210 per delegateWilliam Mitchell
2012 NOAC TraderS58BRNR/CLBLBRN500125x556/21 - 7/28/201230 to lodge, rest to delegatesWilliam Mitchell
Hugh MauldinS59BLKRM/C>>>500127x601/5/2013NoneMike Bazonisalba ayamule is the Creek spelling for Alibamu and is pronounced "Alibamu." The scene is a typical Creek village. The square huts are houses. The round hut is a ceremonial building. Every village had an athletics area as well. Our lodge is playing Wischixin of course.
'Murica NOAC 2015S60RWBRBLKWHT600125x576/19/2014NoneMike Bazonis
Alibamu 75thS61REDRBLKWHT550127x571/3/2015NoneMike Bazonis
100th S62aGRYRM/CM/C700 total127x576/18 - 8/15/2015NoneRobert Schodorf & Mike Bazonis
100th Lime GreenS62bGRYRM/CM/C700 total127x576/18/2015NoneRobert Schodorf & Mike BazonisIt's unknown how many with the lime green grass exist.
Red 100thS63REDRM/CM/C300127x576/18 - 8/15/2015Rededication participants onlyRobert Schodorf & Mike Bazonis
NOAC DeerS64BRNRM/CWHT750127x576/18 - 8/15/2015NoneMike Bazonis
NOAC DucksS65GRYRLBLBLU500127x576/18 - 8/15/2015DelegatesMike Bazonis
The GreenS66WHTRGRNWHT1500120x578/14/2015 - presentNoneMike BazonisGhosted BSA

There are 20+ without the ghosted BSA (S66b?).
Prism/NextS67REDRM/CWHT500120x594/30- 6/16/2016NoneMike Bazonis
Shovel ServiceS68BLURWHTGRN351126x571/7/2016 - present1 per authorized/specified workday generally for 4+hoursGarrett Smith
2017 GatheringS69LBLRM/CRED300130x584/21-23/20173 per person, then round robinMike Bazonis
2017 JamboreeS70GRYRM/CWHT991127x596/15-8/12/2017NoneAlan Broom
91 Fall FellowshipeX1991WHTRREDWHT200129x1151992 (came in late)3 per person, then none
92 Fall FellowshipeX1992DBLRM/CRED220101x761992-1993None
93 Fall FellowshipeA1993DBLCGRYGRN440101x851993-1995NoneJason Peoples
94 Fall FellowshipeX1994YELRBLUWHT220107x781994-1995NoneDanny ConeGoes with the 1995 FF
95 Fall FellowshipeX1995BLKCM/CWHT22076x371994-1995NoneMike BazonisGoes on top of the 1994 FF
96 Fall FellowshipeX1996BLKRREDDYL200115x8910/11/1996 - 1997NoneWill Parker
98 CamporeeeX1998-1REDRM/C>>>1600115x801998-1999NoneDarrell Cardwell
98 Camporee StaffeX1998-2LBLRM/C>>>100115x8019981 per staff memberDarrell Cardwell
98 Fall FellowshipeX1998-3BLKRM/CRED20083x771998-1999NoneMike Bazonis
99 Fall FellowshipeA1999GMYCDBLGMY25087x771999NoneMike Bazonis
2001 Fall FellowshipeX2001BLKRM/CRED300115x992001-2002NoneMike Bazonis
2002 Fall FellowshipeX2002REDRM/CRED300102x772002-2003NoneModified version of a flap design submitted in 2000
2003 Sink The Hink/PilgrimageeR2003BLKRM/CGRN300892003-2004NoneMatt Smith & Mike Bazonis
2004 Fall FellowshipeX2004GRNCWHTDBL300119x7612/3/2004Round robinMike Bazonis
2005 Ordeal BlackeX2005-1BLKCM/CBLK17596x875/22/2005Round robinTrey Musgrave
2005 Ordeal BlueeX2005-2BLUCM/CBLK15096x878/28/2005Round robinTrey Musgrave
2005 Fall FellowshipeX2005-3M/CCBLUGRN30087x8512/4/2005Round robinJosh Smith
Blue Batchee BeavereX2006-1BLURWHT>>>30096x772006 - 3/13/20091 per person, eligible for 2nd if they stayed the whole dayLEC from old design
2006 AllogaganeR2006-2BLURM/CBLK300895/6/2006Round robinMike Bazonis
2006 PilgrimageeR2006-3BRNRM/CBLK300908/27/2006Round robinMike Bazonis
2006 Merit Badge DayeR2006-4REDRWHTBLK300889/6/20061 per personJason Peoples
2006 Fall FellowshipeR2006-5GRNRM/CBLK3008912/3/2006Round robinLonnie Kelley
2007 Conclave - Rode The BuseX2007-1RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - It's 7:25 On FridayeX2007-2RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Read The NewslettereX2007-3RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Dinner FridayeX2007-4RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Shook Larry's HandeX2007-5RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Hi, I'm Al E. Bamu Are You Mr. Axe?eX2007-6RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Went To The ShoweX2007-7RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Traded Some PatcheseX2007-8RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Saturday MorningeX2007-9RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Went To 4 SessionseX2007-10RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Watched CeremonieseX2007-11RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Bought A CokeeX2007-12RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave -Haven't Had A Patch In Two HourseX2007-13RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Ate Lunch SaturdayeX2007-14RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Played WischixineX2007-15RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Patch #16eX2007-16RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Took A ShowereX2007-17RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Saturday Night GrubeX2007-18RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Got An AwardeX2007-19RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 Conclave - Got 'Em All !!!eX2007-20RED>>>WHTRED180Design is 54x65, felt varies4/20-21/20074 per delegateMike Bazonis
2007 AllogaganeX2007-21M/CCM/CWHT30085x685/6/2007Round robinJason Peoples
2007 PilgrimageeX2007-22M/CCM/CWHT30093x628/26/2007Round robinJason Peoples
2007 Merit Badge DayeR2007-23GRYRM/C>>>300899/22/2008 - 1/5/20081 per personMike Bazonis
2007 Fall FellowshipeX2007-24M/CCM/CWHT300120x8712/2/2007Round robinJason Peoples
Black Batchee BeavereX2008-1BLKRWHT>>>49999x823/4/2008 - 2/28/20151 per person, eligible for 2nd if they stayed the whole dayLEC from old design
2008 AllogaganeX2008-2WHTCM/CGRY30077x905/4/2008Round robinMike Bazonis
2008 Fall FellowshipeX2008-3WHTCM/CGRY30076x10912/7/2008Round robinMike Bazonis
2008 PilgrimageeX2008-4WHTCM/CGRY30077x908/24/2008Round robinMike Bazonis
2008 Merit Badge DayeR2008-5LIMRAQU>>>300909/13/20081 per personMike Bazonis
patch-ezx2008-6ArrowCorps5 BuseZX2008-6BLKCM/C>>>20090x797/25/2008NoneMike ConkeyThis patch was made by Mike Conkey of Lodge 383. These patches were given to members of the 13 lodges represented on the patch. These lodges shared 2 buses on our way to the ArrowCorps5 project in Wyoming. This patch was not authorized by Alibamu.
patch-ex2009-12009 AllogaganeX2009-1MARRWHTBLU30075x1015/2/2009Round robinMike BazonisSelocta was a Creek chief who was Andrew Jackson's principal guide and Indian adviser.
patch-ex2009-22009 PilgrimageeX2009-2MARRWHTBLU30075x1018/22/2009Round robinMike BazonisMenewa was a Creek chief who fought against Andrew Jackson. The Menewa Chapter and Menewa District were named for him.
patch-ex2009-32009 Fall FellowshipeX2009-3MARRWHTBLU30075x10112/5/2009Round robinMike BazonisOpothle-Yoholo was a chief of the Tukabatchee Creek Indians. He fought with Tecumseh in the Creek War of 1813-1914.
patch-er2009-42009 Merit Badge DayeR2009-4LIMRPUR>>>300899/9/20091 per personMike Bazonis
patch-ex2010-12010 AllogaganeX2010-1BLKCBLKGRN300101x765/2/2010Round robinDavid Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
patch-ex2010-22010 PilgrimageeX2010-2GRYCGRYGRN300101x768/22/2010Round robinDavid Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
patch-er2010-32010 Merit Badge DayeR2010-3LIMRM/C>>>300909/11/20101 per personNick Felch
patch-ex2010-42010 Fall FellowshipeX2010-4AQUCAQUGRN300101x7612/5/2010Round robinDavid Ehrlich & Mike Bazonis
patch-ex2011-12011 AllogaganeA2011-1REDCREDRED35085x1265/1/2011Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2011-22011 PilgrimageeA2011-2BLUCBLUBLU35085x1268/21/2011Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-er2011-32011 Merit Badge DayeR2011-3LIMRM/C>>>500909/10- 12/3/20111 per personBraden Anglin
patch-ex2011-42011 Fall FellowshipeA2011-4GRNCGRNGRN35085x12612/4/2011Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2012-12012 AllogaganeX2012-1ORGRBLUORG350102x785/6/2012Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2012-22012 PilgrimageeX2012-2LBLRBRNLBL350102x788/19/2012Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-er2012-32012 Merit Badge DayeR2012-3GRYRBLU>>>350899/15/20121 per personBraden Anglin
patch-ex2012-42012 Fall FellowshipeX2012-4GRNRPURGRN350102x7812/2/2012Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2013-12013 AllogaganeX2013-1M/CCLBLRED350107x715/12/2013Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2013-22013 PilgrimageeX2013-2M/CCLGRRED350107x688/18/2013Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2013-32013 Fall FellowshipeX2013-3M/CCLGRRED350107x7012/8/2013Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2014-12014 AllogaganeX2014-1M/CCBLKRED300107x715/11/2014Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-ex2014-22014 PilgrimageeX2014-2M/CCGRYRED300107x708/17/2014Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-er2014-32014 Merit Badge DayeR2014-3GRYRBLU>>>3508810/11/2014 - 1/7/20171 per person, then noneWill Reeder
patch-ex2014-42014 Fall FellowshipeX2014-4M/CCGRYRED300107x7012/7/2014Round robinMike Bazonis
patch-er2015-1Green Beaver DayeR2015-1GRNRWHT>>>500892/28/2015 - present1 per person, eligible for 2nd if they stayed the whole dayMike McDuffee
patch-ex2015-22015 AllogaganeX2015-2BLKCBLUM/C40063x885/10/2015Round robinMike Bazonis & Robert Schodorf
patch-ex2015-32015 PilgrimageeX2015-3BLKCBLUM/C30063x888/16/2015Round robinMike Bazonis & Robert Schodorf
patch-er2015-42015 Merit Badge Day eR2015-4LIMRYEL>>>3008810/3/20151 per personTimothy Jordan
patch-ex2015-52015 Fall FellowshipeX2015-5GRYRGRNM/C100012/6/2015Round robinMike Bazonis & Robert SchodorfThe manufacturer sent 1000 of these instead of the S62 & S63. They let us keep the extra 700 pieces.
patch-er2016-12016 AllogaganeR2016-1PNKRM/CPUR400885/1/2016Round robinRyan Jones
patch-er2016-22016 PilgrimageeR2016-2REDRM/CORG300888/21/2016Round robinRyan Jones & Mike Bazonis
2016 Merit Badge DayeR2016-3LIMRDBL>>>3008810/8/20161 per personGarrett Smith
patch-er2016-42016 Fall FellowshipeR2016-4TEARM/CGRN3008812/4/2016Round robinRyan Jones
2017 AllogaganeX2017-1BLUCM/CGRN300101x755/7/2017Round robinLogan Bozeman
2017 PilgrimageeX2017-2WHTCBLUEGRN300101x758/13/2017Round robinLogan Bozeman
2017 Merit Badge DayeR2017-3LIMRWHT>>>300889/23/20171 per personKaleb Nichols
2017 Fall FellowshipeX2017-4REDCWHTGRN300101x7512/10/2017Round robinLogan Bozeman
patch-cahaba-n1Cahaba NeckerchiefN1REDPWHTRED1960sUnknown
patch-cahaba-x1Cahaba FlagX1YELCGRYRED74x1211970sUnknown
patch-cahaba-x2Cahaba BlackX2BLKRGRNRED113x882000 - 2011UnknownHugh Mauldin
patch-cahaba-x3Cahaba GreyX3GRYRGRNRED113x882000 - 2011UnknownHugh Mauldin
patch-cahab-_er2000Cahaba CamporeeeR2000BLKRM/CYEL912000Unknown
patch-menewa_f1MenewaF1BLKCDGRBLK50119x52Fall 1993NoneMike Bazonis
patch-menewa_yf1Menewa PrototypeYF1BLKCLGRBLK10119x52Fall 1993NoneMike Bazonis
patch-towassa_l1TowassaL1>>>>>>DGRWHT126x791960s? 1970s?Unknown