History – LEC

These are the Lodge Executive Committee members we know of for sure. If you have any additional officer, chairman, or adviser information please contact us.

This is what we have for each year:

1939-1958 Lodge chief & lodge adviser only for the most part
1959-1960 Officers & lodge adviser only
1961 No committees, only 2 chapters
1962 No chapters
1963 Only 1 committee, no chapters
1964 No committee or chapter advisers
1965 No committees
1966 No committee or chapter advisers, only 1 chapter
1967 No committee or chapter advisers
1968 No committee advisers, no chapter officers other than chief
1969 No chapter officers other than chief
1970 No committee or chapter advisers
1971-1973 Officers & lodge adviser only
1974 Complete
1975-1981 Some officers & lodge adviser only
1982 Complete
1983-1985 Some officers & lodge adviser only
1986-1987 No committees
1989-1990 Officers & lodge adviser only
1991-1992 Complete
1993-1995 No chapter advisers
1996 Complete
1997 No chapter adviser or officers other than chief
1998-2000 Complete
2001 No chapter officers




David Ehrlich2016Associate LA & Coach
David Lewis2016Associate Lodge Adviser
Andy Clack2016Pinhoti Chapter Vice Chief
Austin Kelsey2016Ceremony Chairman
Barry Ehrlich2016Kitchen Adviser
Rick Kelsey2016Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Robert Johnson2016Cub Scout Adviser
William Mitchell2016Web Team Adviser
Robert Schodorf2016Ceremony Adviser
Mike McDuffee2016Service Adviser
Bill Cox2016OA Troop Rep Adviser
Mike Bazonis2016Lodge Adviser
Bill Whatley2016Towassa Chapter Adviser
Ryan Jones2016Training Chairman
Michael Simmons2016Training Adviser
Marvin Smith2016Scout Executive
Will Reeder2016Lodge Chief
Charles Clack2016Pinhoti Chapter Adviser
Logan Bozeman2016Lodge Treasurer
Leith Wilson2016Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Larry Newton2016Staff Adviser
Darren Garris2016Merit Badge Day Adviser
David Coleman2016Camping Adviser
David Coleman2016Drum & Dance Adviser
Ricky Minor2016Associate Lodge Adviser
Jadon Downs2016Lodge Secretary
Logan Bozeman2016PRISM Chairman
June Cyrus2016Historian's Adviser
Mac Thompson2016Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Under 182016Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Under 182016Web Team Chairman
Hunter Gay2016Special Events Chairman
Under 182016Pinhoti Chapter Chief
Under 182016Service Chairman
Under 182016Historian
Under 182016Camping Chairman
Under 182016Towassa Chapter Vice Chief
Thomas Sims2016Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Mac Thompson2016Lodge Vice Chief
Under 182016Drum & Dance Chairman
Under 182016Towassa Chapter Chief
Under 182016Publications Chairman
Mac Thompson2016Summer Camp Chief
Steven Easterling2016Cahaba Chapter Adviser
James Able2016Athletics Chairman
Jacob Miller2016Cub Scout Chairman
Garrett Smith2016Merit Badge Day Chairman
Frank Middleton2016Cahaba Chapter Chief
Kathy Smith2015OA Troop Rep Adviser
Mike Bazonis2015Lodge Adviser
Ricky Minor2015Training Adviser
June Cyrus2015Historian's Adviser
David Coleman2015Camping Adviser
Bill Whatley2015Towassa Associate Adviser
Mike McDuffee2015Service Adviser
Mike Bazonis2015Associate Lodge Adviser
Rick Kelsey2015Chilitauga Adviser
Ryan Jones2015Lodge Chief
Porter Kennedy2015Cub Scout Chairman
Sam Patterson2015Pinhoti Associate Adviser
Hunter Gay2015Service Chairman
Connor Hall2015Drum & Dance Vice Chairman
Jamie Whitehead2015Drum & Dance Chairman
Matt Scheierman2015Chilitauga Vice Chief
Danny Coleman2015Web Team Chairman
Under 182015Publications Chairman
Charles Clack2015Pinhoti Adviser
Austin Kelsey2015Chilitauga Chief
Under 182015Pinhoti Vice Chief
Robert Schodorf2015Ceremony Adviser
Jadon Downs2015Training Chairman
Barry Ehrlich2015Kitchen Adviser
Will Reeder2015Lodge Vice Chief
Mac Thompson2015Ceremony Vice Chairman
Mike Jones2015Cub Scout Adviser
Timothy Jordan2015Merit Badge Day Chairman
Marvin Smith2015Scout Executive
Under 182015Camping Chairman
Thomas Sims
2015Cahaba Vice Chief
Charles Livings2015Drum & Dance Adviser
Frank Middleton2015Cahaba Chief
Mark Andrews2015Ceremony Chairman
Will Colon2015Towassa Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2015Publications Adviser
Logan Bozeman2015Lodge Treasurer
Leith Wilson2015Cahaba Adviser
Will Clack2015Special Events Chairman
Nathan Rankin2015Lodge Secretary
Jim Hinkle2015Lodge Adviser
Leith Wilson2015Staff Adviser
Jacob Miller2015Towassa Chief
David Ehrlich2015Quartermaster Advisr
Larry Newton2015Staff Adviser
Andy Clack2015Pinhoti Chief
Chip McEwen2015Towassa Adviser
David Ehrlich2015Coach
Darren Garris2015Merit Badge Day Adviser
David Lewis2015Associate Lodge Adviser
Don Chappell2015Associate Lodge Adviser
Deborah Clark2015Training Associate Adviser
Jadon Downs2014Cub Scout Chairman
Charles Livings2014Drum & Dance Adviser
Connor Hall2014Drum & Dance Chairman
Barry Ehrlich2014Kitchen Adviser
Bily Whatley2014Historian
William Mitchell2014Web Team Chairman
Rick Kelsey2014Chilitauga Adviser
Ryan Jones2014Lodge Vice Chief
Leith Wilson2014Cahaba Adviser
Joe Scheierman2014Battleship Chairman
Samuel Garris2014Kitchen Chairman
Robert Schodorf2014Ceremony Adviser
Deborah Clark2014Training Associate Adviser
Will Clack2014Service Chairman
Porter Kennedy2014Lodge Treasurer
Sam Patterson2014Pinhoti Assoc Adviser
Leith Wilson2014Staff Adviser
Mike McDuffee2014Service Adviser
Ricky Minor2014Training Adviser
Matt Harris2014Lodge Chief
Landon Hall2014Camping Chairman
Chip McEwen2014Towassa Adviser
Kris Wilson2014Cahaba Vice Chief
Mike Jones2014Cub Scout Adviser
Darren Garris2014Merit Badge Day Adviser
Nathan Rankin2014Training Chairman
Kathy Smith2014OA Troop Rep Adviser
Freddie Carver2014Towassa Chief
Will Thompson2014Pinhoti Chief
Marvin Smith2014Scout Executive
Will Reeder2014Merit Badge Day Chairman
Danny Coleman2014Web Team Chairman
David Coleman2014Camping Adviser
Joe Scheierman2014Ceremony Chairman
Preston Kennedy2014Special Events Chairman
Jim Hinkle2014Lodge Adviser
Mike Neeck2014Kitchen Adviser
James Able2014Lodge Secretary
David Ehrlich2014Battleship Adviser
David Ehrlich2014Kitchen Associate Adviser
David Ehrlich2014Quartermaster Adviser
Will Reeder2014Publications Chairman
Austin Kelsey2014Chilitauga Vice Chief
Trey Musgrave2014Web Team Adviser
Frank Middleton2014Cahaba Chief
Mike Bazonis2014Associate Lodge Adviser
Mike Bazonis2014Publications Adviser
Everett Fuller2014Special Events Chairman
Mark Andrews2014Chilitauga Chief
Charles Clack2014Pinhoti Adviser
Barry Ehrlich2014Camping Adviser
Don Chappell2014Associate Lodge Adviser
Denver Whitehead2014Drum & Dance Vice Chairman
June Cyrus2014Historian's Adviser
David Lewis2014Associate Lodge Adviser
David Lewis2013Associate Lodge Adviser
Kathy Smith2013OA Troop Rep Adviser
Andy Clack2013Menewa Chief
Deborah Clark2013Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
Zach Halloran2013Training Chairman
Barry Ehrlich2013Camping Adviser
Edward Dicks2013Chilitauga Adviser
Preston Kennedy2013Special Events Chairman
Porter Kennedy2013Awullsu Chief
Geoffrey Morris2013Ceremony Chairman
Trey Musgrave2013Web Team Adviser
David Ehrlich2013Kitchen Chairman
Phillip Gregg2013Historian
Jim Hinkle2013Lodge Adviser
Bily Whatley2013Historian
Joe Scheierman2013Ceremony Chairman
Mike Neeck2013Kitchen Adviser
John Mitchell2013Lodge Secretary
Austin Kelsey2013Camping Chairman
June Cyrus2013Historian's Adviser
Frank Middleton2013Cahaba Chief
Ricky Minor2013Training Adviser
William Reeder2013Cub Scout Chairman
Chip McEwen2013Awullsu Adviser
Landon Hall2013Cholocco Litabixie Chief
Larry Newton2013Merit Badge Day Adviser
Chase Minor2013Publications Chairman
Charlie Livings2013Drum & Dance Adviser
Leith Wilson2013Staff Adviser
Robert Schodorf2013Ceremony Adviser
Will Clack2013Service Chairman
Charles Clack2013Menewa Adviser
Mike McDuffee2013Service Adviser
Matt Beck2013Publications Adviser
William Mitchell2013Lodge Chief
Matt Harris2013Lodge Treasurer
Brandon Schodorf2013Chilitauga Chief
Braden Anglin2013Merit Badge Day Chairman
Ryan Jones2013Lodge Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2013Associate Lodge Adviser
Mike Bazonis2013Publications Adviser
Bill Morgan2013Scout Executive
Bill Bonner2013Cahaba Adviser
David Chandler2012Service Adviser
William Reeder2012Historian
Denver Whitehead2012Cholocco Litabixie Vice Chief
Zach Smith2012Menewa Chief
Edward Dicks2012Chilitauga Adviser
Larry Newton2012Awullsu Adviser
Chase Minor2012Camping Chairman
Larry Newton2012Merit Badge Day Adviser
David Ehrlich2012Training Chairman
Jim Hinkle2012Lodge Adviser
Perry Myer2012Drum & Dance Assoc Adviser
Ben Chappell2012Lodge Chief
Mike Neeck2012Kitchen Adviser
David Lewis2012Associate Lodge Adviser
Barry Ehrlich2012Camping Adviser
Leith Wilson2012Staff Adviser
William Mitchell2012Lodge Treasurer
Charlie Livings2012Drum & Dance Adviser
Charles Clack2012Menewa Adviser
Will Thompson2012Lodge Secretary
Tony Hatcher2012Ceremony Adviser
Don Chappell2012Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
Mathew Carlisle2012Cholocco Litabixie Chief
Geoffrey Morris2012Ceremony Chairman
John Mitchell2012Special Events Chairman
John Neil Nettles2012Cahaba Chief
Matt Harris2012Publications Chairman
Brandon Schodorf2012Chilitauga Chief
Josh Emerson2012Cub Scout Chairman
Bradley Tarver2012Awullsu Chief
Bill Bonner2012Cahaba Adviser
Deborah Clark2012Training Adviser
Braden Anglin2012Merit Badge Day Chairman
Trey Musgrave2012Web Team Adviser
Jake Mask2012Kitchen Chairman
June Cyrus2012Historian's Adviser
Braden Anglin2012Service Chairman
Kathy Smith2012OA Troop Rep Adviser
Mike Bazonis2012Publications Adviser
Bill Morgan2012Scout Executive
Will Clack2012Lodge Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2012Associate Lodge Adviser
Josh Emerson2011Menewa Chapter Chief
Taylor Foxx2011Cub Scout Chairman
JR Waters2011Drum & Dance Chairman
William Mitchell2011Lodge Secretary
Leith Wilson2011Staff Adviser
Gaurav Hosur2011Publications Chairman
Will Clack2011Lodge Treasurer
Austin Yost2011Lodge Chief
Charles Clack2011Menewa Chapter Adviser
Ben Chappell2011Lodge Vice Chief
Tony Hatcher2011Ceremony Adviser
David Chandler2011Service Adviser
Ricky Minor2011Training Chairman
June Cyrus2011Historian's Adviser
Nick Conversino2011Historian
Steven Easterling2011Cahaba Chapter Chief
Matt Fields2011Webmaster
Kathy Smith2011OA Troop Rep Adviser
Mike Neeck2011Kitchen Adviser
Bill Bonner2011Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Deborah Clark2011Training Adviser
Mike McDuffee2011Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Michael Simmons2011Special Events Chairman
David Lewis2011Associate Lodge Adviser
Jim Hinkle2011Lodge Adviser
Daniel Green2011Historian
Mike Bazonis2011Publications Adviser
Ryan Josey2011Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Turner Knight2011Awullsu Chapter Chief
Ryan Jones2011Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Braden Anglin2011Service Chairman
Edward Dicks2011Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Trey Musgrave2011Webmaster Adviser
David Ehrlich2011Kitchen Chairman
Don Chappell2011Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
John Mitchell2011Ceremony Chairman
Bill Morgan2011Scout Executive
Barry Ehrlich2011Camping Adviser
Charlie Livings2011Drum & Dance Adviser
Mike Bazonis2011Associate Lodge Adviser
Perry Myer2011Drum & Dance Associate Adviser
Josh Dunn2011Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
Josh Dunn2011Camping Chairman
Tepper Middleton2011Cahaba Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan2010Scout Executive
Mike Bazonis2010Publications Adviser
Bill Bonner2010Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Braden Anglin2010Service Chairman
Michael Simmons2010Lodge Chief
Brandon Schodorf2010Service Chairman
Matt Bianchi2010Special Events Chairman
Mathew Carlisle2010Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Will Clack2010Menewa Chapter Chief
William Mitchell2010Camping Chairman
Leith Wilson2010Staff Adviser
Charlie Livings2010Drum & Dance Adviser
Mike McDuffee2010Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Kathy Smith2010OA Troop Rep Adviser
David Chandler2010Service Adviser
Mike Neeck2010Menewa Chapter Adviser
Kathy Smith2010Scouting for Food Adviser
June Cyrus2010Historian's Adviser
John Mitchell2010Historian
Steven Easterling2010Lodge Secretary
Mike Bazonis2010Associate Lodge Adviser
Ben Chappell2010Lodge Treasurer
David Ehrlich2010Scouting for Food Chairman
Nick Felch2010Awullsu Chapter Chief
Jim Hinkle2010Lodge Adviser
Perry Myer2010Drum & Dance Associate Adviser
JD Waters2010Drum & Dance Chairman
Tepper Middleton2010Cahaba Chapter Chief
Gaurav Hosur2010Kitchen Chairman
Barry Ehrlich2010Camping Adviser
Trey Musgrave2010Webmaster Adviser
David Ehrlich2010Training Chairman
Edward Dicks2010Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Dustin Denham2010Ceremony Chairman
Austin Yost2010Lodge Vice Chief
Don Chappell2010Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Ricky Minor2010Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Tony Hatcher2010Ceremony Adviser
David Lewis2010Associate Lodge Adviser
Deborah Clark2010Training Adviser
Zac Felch2010Publications Chairman
David Ehrlich2010Conclave 2010 Chairman
David Ehrlich2009Lodge Chief
Ben Venable2009Camping Adviser
James Carpenter2009Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Samuel Sumner2009Training Chairman
Jonathan Limbrick2009Service Vice Chairman
Michael Simmons2009Lodge Treasurer
James Carpenter2009Ceremony Chairman
Austin Yost2009Awullsu Chapter Chief
Mike Neeck2009Menewa Chapter Adviser
Bill Morgan2009Scout Executive
Mike Bazonis2009Associate Lodge Adviser
Jim Hinkle2009Lodge Adviser
Taylor Foxx2009Service Chairman
June Cyrus2009Historian's Adviser
David Ehrlich2009Conclave 2010 Chairman
Edward Dicks2009Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Deborah Clark2009Training Adviser
Leith Wilson2009Staff Adviser
Nick Felch2009Kitchen Chairman
Brandon Schodorff2009Historian
Owen Mims2009Lodge Vice Chief
Zachary Felch2009Lodge Secretary
Steven Easterling2009Cahaba Chapter Chief
Charlie Livings2009Drum & Dance Associate Adviser
Perry Myer2009Drum & Dance Adviser
Pete Myer2009Drum & Dance Chairman
Justin Watson2009Scouting for Food Chairman
Justin Watson2009Menewa Chapter Chief
Mike Bazonis2009Publications Adviser
Justin Watson2009Webmaster
Tony Hatcher2009Ceremony Adviser
David Lewis2009Associate Lodge Adviser
Kathy Smith2009OA Troop Rep Adviser
Bill Bonner2009Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Ben Chappell2009Camping Chairman
Ricky Minor2009Publications Chairman
Kathy Smith2009Scouting for Food Adviser
David Chandler2009Service Adviser
Don Chappell2009Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Mike McDuffee2009Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Trey Musgrave2009Webmaster Adviser
Ben Chappell2009Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
David Chandler2008Service Adviser
Jim Hinkle2008Lodge Adviser
Perry Myer2008Drum & Dance Adviser
John Cooper2008Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Payton Haisten2008Camping Chairman
David Ehrlich2008Lodge Vice Chief
Kathy Smith2008OA Troop Rep Adviser
Owen Mims2008Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Owen Mims2008Service Chairman
Trey Musgrave2008Webmaster
Nathan Mooney2008Drum & Dance Chairman
Brandon Schodorff2008Training Chairman
James Carpenter2008Ceremony Chairman
Mike Neeck2008Menewa Chapter Adviser
Mike McDuffee2008Awullsu Chapter Adviser
David Lewis2008Associate Lodge Adviser
Tony Hatcher2008Ceremony Adviser
Steven Easterling2008Cahaba Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan2008Scout Executive
Justin Watson2008Lodge Secretary
Deborah Clark2008Training Adviser
Mike Bazonis2008Associate Lodge Adviser
Mike Bazonis2008Publications Adviser
Justin Watson2008Menewa Chapter Chief
Mike Bazonis2008Webmaster Adviser
June Cyrus2008Historian's Adviser
Matt Chandler2008Lodge Chief
Dan Hatcher2008Lodge Treasurer
Dustin Denham2008Kitchen Chairman
Edward Dicks2008Camping Adviser
Mark Nichols2008Drum & Dance Assoc Adviser
Jonathan Burt2008Historian
Jonathan Warren2008Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Hamilton Bloom2008Publications Chairman
Bill Bonner2008Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Taylor Foxx2008Awullsu Chapter Chief
Lonnie Kelley2008Staff Adviser
David Lewis2007Associate Lodge Adviser
Trey Musgrave2007Webmaster
Payton Haisten2007Publications Chairman
Mike Bazonis2007Publications Adviser
James Wright2007Cahaba Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan2007Scout Executive
Bryan Parrish2007Awullsu Chapter Chief
James Carpenter2007Lodge Secretary
David Chandler2007Service Adviser
Mike Bazonis2007Webmaster Adviser
Mike Neeck2007Menewa Chapter Adviser
Ben Chappell2007Drum & Dance Chairman
Taylor Foxx2007Historian
Deborah Clark2007Training Adviser
Leith Wilson2007Staff Adviser
Don Chappell2007Drum & Dance Adviser
John Cooper2007Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Matt Chandler2007Lodge Vice Chief
Mike Neeck2007Kitchen Adviser
Matt Bianchi2007Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Dan Hatcher2007Lodge Treasurer
David Ehrlich2007Training Chairman
Trey Musgrave2007Ceremony Chairman
Mike McDuffee2007Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Jim Hinkle2007Lodge Adviser
Mark Nichols2007Drum & Dance Adviser
June Cyrus2007Historian's Adviser
Edward Dicks2007Camping Adviser
Perry Myer2007Drum & Dance Adviser
Loran Murphy2007Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Larry Newton2007Merit Badge Day Chairman/Adviser
Judson Mott2007Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2007Associate Lodge Adviser
Tony Hatcher2007Ceremony Adviser
Lonnie Kelley2007Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Justin Watson2007Kitchen Chairman
Josh Smith2007Merit Badge Day Chairman
Joshua P. T. Smith2007Lodge Chief
Bill Bonner2007Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Jon LaMarque2006Publications Chairman
Jay Hartin2006Ceremony Adviser
Matt Chandler2006Camping Chairman
Mike McDuffee2006Awullsu Chapter Adviser
David Lewis2006Associate Lodge Adviser
Dan Hatcher2006Ceremony Chairman
Trey Musgrave2006Webmaster
Bill Morgan2006Scout Executive
Trey Musgrave2006Lodge Chief
Mark Nichols2006Ceremony Adviser
June Cyrus2006Historian's Adviser
Kevin Terry2006Lodge Treasurer
Mike Bazonis2006Associate Lodge Adviser
Karl Ward2006Drum & Dance Adviser
James Wright2006Lodge Secretary
Larry Newton2006Merit Badge Day Chairman/Adviser
Mark Nichols2006Drum & Dance Adviser
Edward Dicks2006Camping Adviser
Mike Neeck2006Menewa Chapter Adviser
Deborah Clark2006Training Adviser
Payton Haisten2006Service Chairman
Bryan Parrish2006Historian
Mike Bazonis2006Webmaster Adviser
Kyle Tanner2006Training Chairman
Leith Wilson2006Staff Adviser
Lonnie Kelley2006Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Josh Smith2006Merit Badge Day Chairman
Jim Hinkle2006Lodge Adviser
Charlie Price2006Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Dan Hatcher2006Drum & Dance Chairman
Bill Bonner2006Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Joshua P. T. Smith2006Lodge Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2006Publications Adviser
BJ Haisten2005Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Charlie Price2005Chilitauga Adviser
June Cyrus2005Historian's Adviser
Kevin Terry2005Lodge Treasurer
David Lewis2005Associate Lodge Adviser
Larry Newton2005Menewa Chapter Chief
Andy Akin2005Camping Adviser
Mike Bazonis2005Associate Lodge Adviser
Wilson Gonce2005Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
Mark Nichols 2005Ceremony Adviser
BJ Haisten2005Lodge Chief
JD Bonner2005Cahaba Chapter Chief
Joan Hinkle2005Awullsu Adviser
Trey Musgrave2005Webmaster
Leith Wilson2005Staff Adviser
Jon LaMarque2005Training Chairman
Trey Musgrave2005Ceremony Chairman
Mike Neeck2005Menewa Adviser
Larry Newton2005Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Kenny Bevers2005Service Chairman
Jordan Arkle2005Camping Chairman
Wilson Gonce2005Service Adviser
Jim Hinkle2005Lodge Adviser
Trey Musgrave2005Lodge Vice Chief
Karl Ward2005Drum & Dance Adviser
Trey Musgrave2005Lodge Secretary
Matt Chandler2005Historian
Jon LaMarque2005Conclave 2005 Chairman
Josh Smith2005Awullsu Chapter Chief
Bill Bonner2005Cahaba Adviser
Bobby Bozeman2005Publications Chairman
Bill Morgan2005Scout Executive
Scott Whittington2005Training Adviser
Mike Bazonis2005Publications Adviser
Joshua P. T. Smith2005Lodge Secretary
Mike Bazonis2005Webmaster Adviser
Larry Newton2005Lodge Vice Chief
Jimmy Rittmann2004Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Michael Patterson2004Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2004Webmaster Adviser
Peter MacDonald2004Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Jim Hinkle2004Lodge Adviser
Peter MacDonald2004Camping Chairman
Charlie Price2004Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Mark Nichols2004Ceremony Adviser
BJ Haisten2004Lodge Treasurer
JD Bonner2004Cahaba Chapter Chief
Jon LaMarque2004Conclave 2005 Chairman
Matt Hatcher2004Drum & Dance Chairman
David Lewis2004Associate Lodge Adviser
Lawrence Frederick2004Lodge Chief
Kevin Terry2004Publications Chairman
Jordan Arkle2004Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Karl Ward2004Drum & Dance Adviser
Jay Hartin2004Ceremony Chairman
Andy Akin2004Camping Adviser
Bobby Bozeman2004Lodge Secretary
Mike Neeck2004Menewa Chapter Adviser
Bill Morgan2004Scout Executive
Mike Bazonis2004Associate Lodge Adviser
Mike Bazonis2004Publications Adviser
Bill Bonner2004Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Wilson Gonce2004Service Adviser
Joan Hinkle2004Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Josh Smith2004Historian
Larry Newton2004Training Chairman
Leith Wilson2004Staff Adviser
Scott Whittington2004Training Adviser
JD Bonner2004Service Chairman
June Cyrus2004Historian's Adviser
Jon LaMarque2004Lodge Vice Chief
Wilson Gonce2004Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
BJ Haisten2004Webmaster
Mike Bazonis2003Publications Adviser
Jay Hartin2003Ceremony Chairman
Josh Smith2003Awullsu Chapter Chief
Darryl Gates2003Camping Adviser
Jordan Arkle2003Lodge Vice Chief
Jimmy Rittmann2003Historian
Alfred Morelock2003Cahaba Adviser
Jay Hartin2003Chilitauga Chapter Secretary
Joel Bonner2003Training Chairman
Jon LaMarque2003Lodge Secretary
Jimmy Rittmann2003Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
June Cyrus2003Historian's Adviser
Patrick Barefield2003Awullsu Chapter Secretary
Mark Nichols2003Ceremony Adviser
Bobby Bozeman2003Menewa Chapter Chief
Corban Smith2003Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Leith Wilson2003Staff Adviser
Corey Ray2003Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Scott Whittington2003Training Adviser
Allen Price2003Publications Chairman
Joan Hinkle2003Awullsu Adviser
Justin Guilot2003Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Matt Hatcher2003Drum & Dance Chairman
Charlie Price2003Chilitauga Adviser
Bill Morgan2003Scout Executive
Matt Smith2003Lodge Chief
Karl Ward2003Drum & Dance Adviser
Wilson Gonce2003Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
Casey Clemons2003Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
BJ Haisten2003Camping Chairman
BJ Haisten2003Webmaster
Mike Neeck2003Menewa Adviser
Lawrence Frederick2003Lodge Treasurer
Wilson Gonce2003Service Adviser
Jim Hinkle2003Lodge Adviser
David Lewis2003Associate Lodge Adviser
Chris Ray2003Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Larry Newton2003Service Chairman
Mike Bazonis2003Webmaster Adviser
Mike Bazonis2003Associate Lodge Adviser
Mark Nichols2002Ceremony Adviser
Wilson Gonce2002Service Adviser
Mike Bazonis2002Publications Adviser
Wilson Gonce2002Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
David Lewis2002Conclave 2002 Adviser
Jim Hinkle2002Lodge Adviser
BJ Haisten2002Webmaster
Larry Newton2002Lodge Vice Chief
JD Bonner2002Service Chairman
Mike Bazonis2002Associate Lodge Adviser
Michael Patterson2002Cholocco Litabixie Chief
Dan Lucas2002Menewa Adviser
Matt Smith2002Lodge Treasurer
Woody Parramore2002Lodge Secretary
Scott Whittington2002Training Adviser
Leith Wilson2002Staff Adviser
David Lewis2002Associate Lodge Adviser
John Cooper2002Chilitauga Adviser
June Cyrus2002Historian's Adviser
Alfred Morelock2002Cahaba Adviser
Len East2002Historian
Jay Hartin2002Ceremony Vice Chairman
Jordan Arkle2002Training Chairman
Christopher Munday2002Publications Chairman
Chris Wells2002Ceremony Chairman
Walker Cyrus2002Lodge Chief
Josh Smith2002Awullsu Chief
Bill Morgan2002Scout Executive
Daryl Gates2002Camping Adviser
Brandon Arkle2002Conclave 2002 Chairman
Joan Hinkle2002Awullsu Adviser
Mac Frasier2002Camping Chairman
Mike Bazonis2001Associate Lodge Adviser
Larry Newton2001Publications Chairman
Steve Willis2001Lodge Adviser
Daryl Gates2001Camping Adviser
Chris Smith2001Lodge Chief
Will Butler2001Training Chairman
Chris Compton2001Ceremony Adviser
Brandon Arkle2001Conclave 2002 Chairman
Joel Bonner2001Lodge Vice Chief
Joan Hinkle2001Awullsu Adviser
Chris Compton2001Chilitauga Adviser
David Lewis2001Conclave 2002 Adviser
Dan Lucas2001Menewa Adviser
Mac Frasier2001Camping Chairman
Wilson Gonce2001Cholocco Litabixie Adviser
Jim Hinkle2001Historian's Adviser
Nick Cooper2001Ceremony Chairman
Jim Hinkle2001Associate Lodge Adviser
Walker Cyrus2001Lodge Secretary
Mike Bazonis2001Publications Adviser
Jim Hinkle2001Lodge Adviser
Allen Price2001Lodge Treasurer
Wilson Gonce2001Service Adviser
Leith Wilson2001Staff Adviser
David Lewis2001Associate Lodge Adviser
Alfred Morelock2001Cahaba Adviser
Bill Morgan2001Scout Executive
Daryl Gates2000Camping Adviser
Brandon Arkle2000Lodge Vice Chief
Richard Bryant2000Publications Chairman
James Strickland2000Awullsu Chapter Secretary
Troy Johnson2000Lodge Secretary
Steve Blair2000Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Allen Price2000Training Chairman
Stephen Lucas2000Historian
Chad Murchison2000Menewa Chapter Chief
Chad Murchison2000Service Chairman
Joan Hinkle2000Awullsu Chapter Adviser
David Folchi2000Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
Will Butler2000Awullsu Chapter Chief
Leith Wilson2000Staff Adviser
Wilson Gonce2000Service Adviser
Alfred Morelock2000Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Shon Ingram2000Menewa Chapter Adviser
Jim Hinkle2000Associate Lodge Adviser
Russ Paine2000Training Adviser
Mike Bazonis2000Publications Adviser
Mike Bazonis2000Associate Lodge Adviser
Adam Arkle2000Ceremony Chairman
Mike Allard2000Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Jim Gaut2000Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Joel Bonner2000Cahaba Chapter Chief
Chris Compton2000Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Christopher Munday2000Lodge Chief
Bill Morgan2000Scout Executive
Chris Compton2000Ceremony Adviser
Jim Hinkle2000Historian's Adviser
Steve Willis2000Lodge Adviser
Mac Frasier2000Camping Chairman
Chris Smith2000Lodge Treasurer
Jim Gaut1999Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Darrell Cardwell1999Lodge Chief
Steve Willis1999Lodge Adviser
Phil Shipley1999Staff Adviser
Josh Beeson1999Training Chairman
Daryl Gates1999Camping Adviser
Tim Cooper 1999Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Christopher Munday1999Awullsu Chapter Secretary
Chris Compton1999Ceremony Adviser
Jason Peoples1999Publications Adviser
Christopher Munday1999Camping Chairman
Eric Dunlap1999Ceremony Chairman
Brandon Arkle1999Lodge Chief
Cole Whiteard1999Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Scott Kennedy1999Awullsu Chapter Chief
Leith Wilson1999Staff Adviser
Daniel Thomas1999Chilitauga Chapter Secretary
Mike Bazonis1999Historian
Bill Morgan1999Scout Executive
Jim Hinkle1999Associate Lodge Adviser
Alfred Morelock1999Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Brian Uyak1999Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
Shon Ingram1999Menewa Chapter Adviser
Jim Hinkle1999Historian's Adviser
Jeff Grove1999Publications Chairman
Justin Blair1999Lodge Treasurer
Russ Paine1999Training Adviser
Wilson Gonce1999Service Adviser
Mike Bazonis1999Associate Lodge Adviser
Richard Bryant1999Service Chairman
Joan Hinkle1999Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Brandon Arkle1999Lodge Vice Chief
Steve Blair1999Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Troy Johnson1999Lodge Secretary
Richard Bryant1999Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Josh Hickman1999Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Chris Compton1998Ceremony Chairman
Shon Ingram1998Menewa Chapter Adviser
Thatcher Taylor1998Cahaba Chapter Chief
Jim Hinkle1998Council Camporee Adviser
Scott Kennedy1998Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
Matt Powell1998Training Chairman
Brandon Arkle1998Camping Chairman
Derek Jordan1998Menewa Chapter Secretary
Lee Davis1998Service Chairman
Bill Morgan1998Scout Executive
Phil Shipley1998Staff Adviser
Darrell Cardwell1998Lodge Secretary
Joan Hinkle1998Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Thomas Hryhorchuk1998Historian
Steve Tidwell1998Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Darryl Gates1998Camping Adviser
Jason Peoples1998Publications Chairman
Jim Gaut1998Training Adviser
Fred McCormick1998Associate Lodge Adviser
Jeff Grove1998Menewa Chapter Chief
Darrell Cardwell1998Council Camporee Chairman
Steve Willis1998Lodge Adviser
David Lewis1998Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Brandon Arkle1998Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Wilson Gonce1998Service Adviser
Stan Cain1998Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Secretary
Blake Bosarge1998Awullsu Chapter Secretary
Mike Bazonis1998Lodge Chief
Tim Cooper 1998Chilitauga Chapter Secretary
Ben Patterson1998Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Brett Bosarge1998Lodge Vice Chief
Will Woodard1998Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Harold Wells1998Publications Adviser
Adam Coleman1998Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Justin Blair1998Lodge Treasurer
John Goff Sr1998Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Steve Johnson1998Ceremony Adviser
Brandon LaMarque1998Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Brady Bosarge1998Awullsu Chapter Chief
Jim Hinkle1998Associate Lodge Adviser
Brady Bosarge1997Historian
Andy Akin1997Lodge Chief
Brandon Arkle1997Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Toni Johnson1997Osceola Chapter Chief
Mike Bazonis1997Lodge Treasurer
Darrell Cardwell1997Publications Chairman
Scott Gates1997Camping Chairman
Ben McCormick1997Cahaba Chapter Chief
Fred McCormick1997Associate Lodge Adviser
Thomas Hryhorchuk1997Historian
Luke Lucas1997Awullsu Chapter Chief
Louis Essman1997Training Chairman
William Autry1997Euchee Chapter Chief
Steve Willis1997Lodge Adviser
Darrell Cardwell1997Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Service Corps Chairman
Leith Wilson1997Staff Adviser
Shawn Sargent1997Menewa Chapter Chief
Justin Blair1997Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Justin Saunders1997Ceremony Chairman
Lee Davis1997Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan1997Scout Executive
Bryant Hollinger1997Service Chairman
Kevin Strachan1997Lodge Secretary
Kent Lucas1997Lodge Vice Chief
Jim Hinkle1997Associate Lodge Adviser
Andy Akin1996Lodge Secretary
Harold Wells1996Service Adviser
Mark Ekonen1996Publications Vice Chairman
Dan Lucas1996Camping Adviser
Justin Saunders1996Lodge Vice Chief
Daryl Gates1996Publications Adviser
Scott Gates1996Publications Chairman
Jim Hinkle1996Associate Lodge Adviser
Brett Bosarge1996Service Chairman
Kent Lucas1996Historian
William Autrey1996Euchee Chapter Chief
Darrell Cardwell1996Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Justin Blair1996Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Jason Baley1996Training Chairman
Bobo Hill1996Euchee Chapter Adviser
David Lewis1996Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
John Erwin1996Publications Vice Chairman
Louis Essman1996Menewa Chapter Secretary
Mike Bazonis1996Lodge Treasurer
Kenneth Walker1996Menewa Chapter Chief
Steve Tidwell1996Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Jason McHenry1996Ceremony Vice Chairman
Jason Peoples1996Camping Chairman
Chris Wolfe1996Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Chris Wolfe1996Service Vice Chairman
Brandon Bates1996Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Brandon Bates1996Training Vice Chairman
Toni Johnson1996Osceola Chapter Chief
Lordrick Williams1996Camping Vice Chairman
David Henderson1996Osceola Chapter Secretary
Benjamin Rackley1996Osceola Chapter Vice Chief
Scott Meyers1996Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Bill Morgan1996Scout Executive
Steve Johnson1996Ceremony Adviser
Wilson Gonce1996Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Fred McCormick1996Associate Lodge Adviser
Bill Parrish1996Menewa Chapter Adviser
Steve Willis1996Lodge Adviser
Tad Smith1996Awullsu Chapter Chief
Phil Shipley1996Staff Adviser
Will Holley1996Cahaba Chapter Chief
Will Parker1996Lodge Chief
Daryle Lee1996Awullsu Chapter Vice Chief
Joan Hinkle1996Awullsu Chapter Adviser
Mike Neeck1996Training Adviser
Dale Luster1996Osceola Chapter Adviser
Robert Harris1996Awullsu Chapter Secretary
Ben McCormick1996Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Bryant Hollinger1996Assistant Historian
Kevin Strachan1996Ceremony Chairman
Scott Gates1995Historian
James Dawson1995Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Brandon Holley1995Cahaba Chapter Chief
Danon Lucas1995Camping Chairman
Brett Bosarge1995Training Chairman
Mark Barnette1995Staff Adviser
Will Parker1995Lodge Vice Chief
Steve Willis1995Lodge Adviser
Christian Lowry1995Service Chairman
Jim Hinkle1995Associate Lodge Adviser
Craig Stewart1995Publications Chairman
Steiner Hill1995Euchee Chapter Chief
Matthew Brigham1995Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Andy Akin1995Awullsu Chapter Chief
Joshua Luster1995Osceola Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan1995Scout Executive
Fred McCormick1995Associate Lodge Adviser
Kevin Strachan1995Ceremony Chairman
Kent Lucas1995Menewa Chapter Chief
Justin Saunders1995Lodge Secretary
Mike Bazonis1995Lodge Treasurer
Jason E Peoples1995Lodge Chief
Stuart McMorris1994Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Fred McCormick1994Associate Lodge Adviser
Bill Parrish1994Menewa Chapter Adviser
Jim Hinkle1994Associate Lodge Adviser
Mark Barnette1994Staff Adviser
Brian Haney1994Menewa Chapter Secretary
Andy Akin1994Training Chairman
Canon Lucas1994Camping Chairman
Will Parker1994Lodge Secretary
Joshua Luster1994Osceola Chapter Chief
Steiner Hill1994Euchee Chapter Chief
Charles Moore1994Chilitauga Chapter Secretary
Sean Ingram1994Council Camporee Service Corps Adviser
Adam Thomas1994Chilitauga Chapter Treasurer
Steve Willis1994Lodge Adviser
Will Parker1994Council Camporee Service Corps Chairman
Kevin Strachan1994Awullsu Chapter Chief
James Dawson1994Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Chris Kodya1994Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Chris George1994Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Mark A Nichols1994Lodge Chief
Brandon Holley1994Cahaba Chapter Chief
Justin Saunders1994Ceremony Chairman
Craig Stewart1994Publications Chairman
Bill Morgan1994Scout Executive
Jason E Peoples1994Lodge Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis1994Menewa Chapter Chief
Jason Johnson1994Lodge Treasurer
Paul Beam1994Camping Adviser
Chris Mehaffey1994Service Chairman
Parrish Holley1993Camping Chairman
Steve Johnson1993Service Chairman
Jason Johnson1993Euchee Chapter Chief
Allen Bearden1993Lodge Secretary
Craig Stewart1993Lodge Chief
Louis Essman1993Menewa Chapter Treasurer
Sean Ingram1993Vigil Chairman
Robert Barclay1993Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Steve Willis1993Lodge Adviser
Fred McCormick1993Associate Lodge Adviser
James Rose1993Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Joshua Luster1993Osceola Chapter Chief
Jason Peoples1993Training Chairman
Bill Morgan1993Scout Executive
Danon Lucas1993Lodge Vice Chief
Scott Jackson1993Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Rob Harrison1993Staff Adviser
Steven Hattaway1993Publications Chairman
Mark Barnette1993Staff Adviser
Mike Bazonis1993Menewa Chapter Secretary
Will Parker1993Awullsu Chapter Chief
Jimmy Raynowska1993Cahaba Chapter Chief
Terry Turner1993Ceremony Chairman
Mark Nichols1993Lodge Treasurer
Slade Reeves1993Menewa Chapter Chief
Jim Hinkle1993Associate Lodge Adviser
Harry Prescott1992Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Steve Willis1992Lodge Adviser
Fred McCormick1992Associate Lodge Adviser
Rob Harrison1992Staff Adviser
Dennis Washington1992Service Chairman
Wilson Gonce1992Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Klarence Williams1992Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Skip Essman1992Camping Adviser
Shon Ingram1992Lodge Chief
Sean K. Ingram1992Lodge Secretary
Danon Lucas1992Towassa Chapter Chief
Parrish Holley1992Camping Chairman
Art Wallace1992Towassa Chapter Vice Chief
Mark Nichols1992Lodge Treasurer
Pat Leger1992Service Adviser
Joe Robinson1992Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Sean K. Ingram1992Publications Chairman
Mark Nichols1992Publications Chairman
Chris Beck1992Cahaba Chapter Quartermaster
Stephen Tidwell1992Cahaba Chapter Dance Chief
Art Wallace1992Publications Chairman
Bill Morgan1992Scout Executive
Jim Hinkle1992Towassa Chapter Adviser
JD Lyons1992Publications Adviser
Craig Stewart1992Lodge Vice Chief
Ben Fanning1992Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Allen Bearden1992Cahaba Chapter Chief
Craig Stewart1991Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Art Wallace1991Towassa Chapter Secretary
Merril Sherman1991Towassa Chapter Chief
Bill Morgan1991Scout Executive
Clifton Crisler1991Associate Lodge Adviser
Joe Robinson1991Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Steve Willis1991Lodge Adviser
Shon Ingram1991Cahaba Chapter Dance Chief
Danon Lucas1991Towassa Chapter Vice Chief
Shon Ingram1991Lodge Secretary
Chip Butts1991Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Harry Prescott1991Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Sean K. Ingram1991Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Jim Hinkle1991Towassa Chapter Adviser
Kenneth Burns1991Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Randy Caldwell1991Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Rob Harrison1991Staff Adviser
Fred McCormick1991Associate Lodge Adviser
Steve Tidwell1991Quartermaster
Terry Turner1991Lodge Chief
Scott Zuelzke1991Cahaba Chapter Service Chief
Steve Johnson1991Lodge Treasurer
Mark Nichols1991Cahaba Chapter Chief
Steve Johnson1990Lodge Chief
Sean K. Ingram1990Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Terry Turner1990Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Steve Johnson1990Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Kenneth Burns1990Lodge Treasurer
Steve Willis1990Lodge Adviser
Merrill Sherman1990Lodge Secretary
James Wright1990Quartermaster
Ajai Saini1990Lodge Chief
Bill Morgan1990Scout Executive
David Lewis1989Lodge Chief
Clifton Crisler1989Associate Lodge Adviser
Ajai Saini1989Lodge Secretary
Mack McCormick1989Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
David Barnes1989Cahaba Chapter Adviser
Lamar Dykes1989Staff Adviser
Ronnie Holmes1989Scout Executive
James M. Hussey III1989Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Fred McCormick1989Associate Lodge Adviser
JD Giles1989Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Steve Johnson1989Quartermaster
David Raynowska1989Lodge Treasurer
Jim Hinkle1989Towassa Chapter Adviser
John Odaware1989Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Steve Willis1989Lodge Adviser
Graham Champion1989Lodge Adviser
Parrish Holley1989Cahaba Chapter Chief
Bill Haines1988Staff Adviser
Ronnie Holmes1988Scout Executive
Mathew Honan1988Lodge Vice Chief of Service
JD Giles1988Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Chip Ratterree1988Lodge Chief
Mack McCormick1988Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Clint Fast1988Lodge Treasurer
Tom Holmes Sr.1988Lodge Adviser
Darin Fast1988Lodge Secretary
David Lewis1988Quartermaster
Brian Wells1987Cahaba Chapter Chief
Robert G. Lippert1987Lodge Vice Chief of Service
John Todd1987Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Ryan Putteet1987Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Darrin Fast1987Lodge Secretary
Mack McCormick1987Dance Chairman
Chris Thomas1987Towassa Chapter Vice Chief
Mack McCormick1987Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Jim Clement1987Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Secretary
Ronnie Holmes1987Scout Executive
Robert Cheek1987Towassa Chapter Secretary
Joel Moody1987Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Daniel T. Giles III1987Lodge Chief
JD Giles1987Towassa Chapter Chief
Kevin Crisler1987Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Chip Ratterree1987Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
James Parker1987Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Vice Chief
Bill Haines1987Staff Adviser
Tom Holmes Sr.1987Lodge Adviser
James Bivins1987Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Mathew Honan1987Quartermaster
Joe Gutherie1986Chilitauga Chapter Secretary
JD Giles1986Towassa Chapter Secretary
Kevin Crisler1986Lodge Secretary
Ken Lawrence1986Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Donald Carroll1986Creek Nation Chapter Vice Chief
Darrin Fast1986Chilitauga Chapter Vice Chief
Ronnie Holmes1986Scout Executive
Mack McCormick1986Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
James Shannon1986Lodge Chief
Shannon Glenn1986Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Calvin Harrell1986Chilitauga Chapter Adviser
Chip Ratterree1986Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Gaines Harrell1986Chilitauga Chapter Chief
Lester Sharpton1986Towassa Chapter Adviser
Karl Crowson1986Lodge Treasurer
Jason Krammel1986Creek Nation Chapter Vice Chief
Robert Lippert1986Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Chief
Sam Richmond1986Staff Adviser
Chris Caldwell1986Creek Nation Chapter Secretary
Cal Seales1986Quartermaster
Mathew Honan1986Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Tommy Diggs1986Towassa Chapter Vice Chief South Montgomery
Wes Christian1986Creek Nation Chapter Chief
Ross Reid1986Towassa Chapter Vice Chief North Central
Clifton Crisler1986Cholocco Litabixie Chapter Adviser
Brian Wells1986Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
David Partker, Jr1986Towassa Chapter Chief
Vaughn O'Neal1986Cahaba Chapter Chief
Tom Holmes Sr.1986Lodge Adviser
Mark Davis1985Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
David Godwin1985Lodge Treasurer
Chris Tinneny1985Lodge Chief
Brad Merrill1985Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Don Roberts1985Scout Executive
Steve Willis1985Lodge Adviser
Daniel T. Giles III1985Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Noel Anderson1985Lodge Secretary
Mathew Honan1985Quartermaster
James Hinkle1984Lodge Chief
Brad Merrill1984Lodge Treasurer
Chris Tinneny1984Lodge Vice Chief of Service
John Cooper1984Lodge Secretary
Mark Davis1984Quartermaster
Steve Sellers1984Lodge Chief
James Hinkle1984Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Don Roberts1984Scout Executive
Almand Westbrook1984Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Steve Willis1984Lodge Adviser
Don Roberts1983Scout Executive
Tony Hall1983Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
John Cooper1983Lodge Secretary
Doug Richey1983Lodge Chief
Benji Harris1983Quartermaster
James Harris1983Lodge Treasurer
Chris Lundberg1983Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Steve Willis1983Lodge Adviser
Steve Sellers1983Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Tony Hall1982Lodge Treasurer
James Hinkle1982Unit Elections Chairman
Will Griffin1982Quartermaster
Pat Lucido1982Membership Chairman
Steve Sellers1982Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
Don Roberts1982Scout Executive
Todd Whyard1982Activities Chairman
Ricky Pastorett1982Camping Chairman
Brian Wilson1982Lodge Secretary
Steve Willis1982Lodge Adviser
Chris Lundberg1982Lodge Vice Chief of Service
John Worthington1982Ceremony Chairman
David Toellner1982Lodge Chief
Billy Klein1982Service Chairman
David E. Clinkscales1982Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Mike Mathews1981Lodge Vice Chief of Service
Steve Willis1981Lodge Adviser
Todd Whyard1981Lodge Chief
Ricky Pastorett1981Lodge Vice Chief of Camping
David Clinkscales1981Lodge Treasurer
Don Roberts1981Scout Executive
Bryan Wilson1981Lodge Secretary
James Hinkle1981Quartermaster
Joel Livings1981Lodge Vice Chief of Administration
Ralph Lush1980Lodge Vice Chief #2
Jeff Gaston1980Lodge Chief
Don Roberts1980Scout Executive
Todd Wyard1980Quartermaster
Danny Gaston1980Lodge Vice Chief #1
Steve Willis1980Lodge Adviser
Matthew Manning1980Lodge Treasurer
Tim Mahan1980Lodge Vice Chief #3
Mike McDuffee1980Lodge Secretary
William Howard1979Lodge Adviser
Jim Mayham1979Lodge Treasurer
Rich Reed1979Lodge Chief
Steve Gill1979Lodge Secretary
Don Roberts1979Scout Executive
Don Roberts1978Scout Executive
Robert Jones1978Lodge Chief
William Howard1978Lodge Adviser
Robert Jones1977Lodge Secretary
Joe Lucido1977Quartermaster
Dickson Dewitt1977Lodge Chief
John Howard1977Lodge Vice Chief
Don Roberts1977Scout Executive
William Howard1977Lodge Adviser
Reese Frazer1977Lodge Treasurer
W. John Howard1977Lodge Chief
John Howard1976Lodge Vice Chief
Robert Jones1976Publications Chairman
Jim Williams1976Quartermaster
Dickson Dewitt1976Lodge Chief
Chuck Reedy1976Lodge Treasurer
Don Roberts1976Scout Executive
William Howard1976Lodge Adviser
Robert Jones1976Lodge Secretary
Charlie Price1975Quartermaster
Guy Martin1975Lodge Secretary
Bob Holt1975Scout Executive
William Howard1975Lodge Adviser
Joe Lucido1975Lodge Chief
Dickson Dewitt1975Lodge Vice Chief
Russell Still1975Lodge Treasurer
Cornelius Johnson1974Quartermaster
Bob Holt1974Scout Executive
Greg Horner1974Ceremonial Chairman
William Howard1974Lodge Adviser
Troy Martin1974Service Adviser
Guy Martin1974Service Chairman
Marion Pittman1974Finance Adviser
HAM Murray1974Ceremonial Adviser
Robert Britton1974Ad-Hoc Southwest Vice Chief
Wayne Lambert1974Finance Adviser
Robert Britton1974Unit Elections Chairman
Frank Jehle1974Camp Promption Adviser
Frank Seddio1974Membership Adviser
Charlie Price1974Camp Promotion Chairman
Bill Lang1974Service Adviser
Jackie Jackson1974Camp Promotion Adviser
Benny Harris1974Ad-Hoc Northeast Vice Chief
Bert Martin1974Lodge Chief
James Stanfield1974Unit Elections Adviser
Blake Harper1974Lodge Secretary
Dana Allen1974Lodge Treasurer
Dana Allen1974Finance Chairman
Chuck Maney1974Unit Elections Adviser
Blake Harper1974Membership Chairman
Greg Horner1974Lodge Vice Chief
Steve Willis1973Lodge Chief
Steve Tidwell1973Lodge Vice Chief
James Glass1973Lodge Treasurer
Wally Barker1973Lodge Secretary
William Howard1973Lodge Adviser
Bob Holt1973Scout Executive
Dana Allen1973Quartermaster
Palmer Griffin1972Lodge Secretary
Kevin Pearce1972Lodge Vice Chief
David McCurdy1972Lodge Chief
William Howard1972Lodge Adviser
Ricky Harbin1972Quartermaster
Bob Holt1972Scout Executive
Charles Brannon1972Lodge Treasurer
Ricky Mills1971Lodge Vice Chief
Wayne Piper1971Lodge Secretary
David McCurdy1971Lodge Chief
Palmer Griffin1971Lodge Treasurer
Bob Holt1971Scout Executive
William Howard1971Lodge Adviser
Lamar Sheets1971Staff Adviser
Ricky Harbin1971Quartermaster
Kevin Buddy Pearce1970Quartermaster
Ted Huddleston1970Publications Chairman
Jerry Barlow1970Euchee Chapter Vice Chief
Travis Parker1970Lodge Vice Chief
Jimmy Cassidy1970Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
David McCurdy1970Unilawisti Chapter Chief
Henry Greenhill1970Euchee Chapter Treasurer
Dean Pitts1970Unilawisti Chapter Vice Chief
David Barnes1970Cahaba Chapter Chief
John Dowe1970Lodge Adviser
Robert Saxon1970Euchee Chapter Chief
Bob Holt1970Scout Executive
Charles Rushing1970Lodge Treasurer
Kenny Harris1970Lodge Chief
Calvin Clark1970Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Pete Hamilton1970Euchee Chapter Reporter
Lee Eaton1970Lodge Secretary
Bill McLean1970Unilawisti Chapter Secretary
Palmer Griffin1970Euchee Chapter Secretary
George Eskridge1970Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Malcolm Greenwood1969Service Chairman
Bill Bryan1969Bike Trails Adviser
Bill Hamilton1969National Conference Chairman
Tommy Coleman1969Finances Adviser
Marion Pittman1969National Conference Adviser
Marion Pittman1969Vigil Adviser
Kevin Kaan1969Unit Elections Chairman
David Barnes1969Cahaba Chapter Chief
Sam Floyd1969Menewa Chapter Chief
Ken Harris1969Activities Chairman
John Short1969Ceremonial Adviser
Bill Stark1969Unilawisti Chapter Chief
John Saxon1969Uchee Chapter Chief
John Saxon1969Vigil Chairman
John Meredith1969Staff Adviser
Bob Cheney1969Publications Adviser
Bob Holt1969Scout Executive
Sam Doss1969Horseshoe Bend Trail Chairman
Ronald Binford1969Trails Adviser
Mike Stough1969Lodge Vice Chief
Lynn Wolf1969Voyageurs Chairman
Joe Pinneza1969Quartermaster
Joe Crawford1969Ceremonial Chairman
Travis Parker1969Towassa Chapter Chief
Jim Adams1969Publications Chairman
David Justice1969Trails Chairman
Allen Cowan1969Associate Lodge Adviser
James R. Azar1969Unit Elections Adviser
James R. Azar1969Membership Adviser
Robbie Noles1969Membership Chairman
Ted Huddleston1969Bike Trails Chairman
Ted Parker1969Voyageurs Adviser
Charles Kerlin1969Activities Adviser
Robbie Noles1969Lodge Secretary
Charles T Harbin III1969Lodge Chief
Robbie Noles1969Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Ray Carlisle1969Camping Promotion Chairman
Gary Quillen1969Lodge Treasurer
Gary Quillin1969Finances Chairman
Chris Davenport1969Publications Chairman
George Byrd1969Unit Elections Chairman
John Dowe1969Lodge Adviser
Jud Landrum1968Trails Chairman
Jimmy Barlow1968Activities Chairman
Jimmy Barlow1968Euchee Chapter Treasurer
David Barnes1968Camping Promotions Chairman
Louie Nash1968Towassi Chapter Secretary
Chuck Maney1968Publications Adviser
Jerry Parker1968Euchee Chapter Chief
John Saxon1968Service Chairman
Dan Allen1968Voyageurs Chairman
Robbie Noles1968Quartermaster
Marion Pittman1968Towassi Chapter Adviser
Frank Caskey1968Lodge Chief
Vaughn Hollon1968Ceremonial Chairman
John Holloway1968Menewa Chapter Chief
Mark LeFevers1968Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Charles Harbin1968Publications Chairman
Bob Holt1968Scout Executive
Larry Moore1968Euchee Chapter Vice Chief
John Holloway1968Horseshoe Bend Trail Chairman
Malcolm Greenwood1968Euchee Chapter Secretary
Mark LeFevers1968Lodge Vice Chief
Jim Crawford1968Towassi Chapter Chief
John Dowe1968Lodge Adviser
Walter Myer1968Staff Adviser
Harold Davis1968Euchee Chapter Adviser
Kenny Harris1968Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Louie Nash1968Lodge Treasurer
Louie Nash1968Finance Chairman
Graham Champion1968Membership Chairman
Graham Champion1968Lodge Secretary
Frank Caskey1967Membership Chairman
John Saxon1967Euchee Chapter Chief
Robert Hankins1967Towassi Chapter Secretary
Holis Mann1967Saugahatchee Chapter Treasurer
Allen Thames1967Towassi Chapter Vice Chief
Larry Moore1967Euchee Chapter Treasurer
Vaughn Hollon1967Voyageurs Chairman
John Holloway1967Lodge Treasurer
Jack Coker1967Unit Elections Chairman
Jack Coker1967Ceremonial Chairman
John Holloway1967Finance Chairman
Bob Holt1967Scout Executive
Billy Hare1967Service Chairman
Jack Coker1967Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Fred Whitson1967Towassi Chapter Chief
John Saxon1967Publications Chairman
Allen Thames1967Camping Promotion Chairman
Billy Hare1967Quartermaster
Tommy Coleman1967Lodge Vice Chief
Daniel Allen1967Lodge Chief
Dub Mason1967Horseshoe Bend Trail Chairman
Richard Jarson1967Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Tommy Coleman1967Activities Chairman
Ben Nichols1967Saugahatchee Chapter Vice Chief
Walter Myer1967Staff Adviser
Nicky Horne1967Cahaba Chapter Chief
Bill McDonald1967Menewa Chapter Chief
Bill Hare1967Cahaba Chapter Treasurer
Frank Caskey1967Lodge Secretary
Buren Ledbetter1967Saugahatchee Chapter Secretary
Tommy Coleman1967Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Elbert Lee1967Euchee Chapter Vice Chief
Jimmy Barlow1967Euchee Chapter Secretary
John Dowe1967Lodge Adviser
Bob Thompson1966Towassi Chapter Quartermaster
Dan Allen1966Camping Promotion Chairman
John Dowe1966Lodge Adviser
Walter Myer1966Staff Adviser
Frank Caskey1966Ceremonial Chairman
Dub Mason1966Lodge Chief
Tommy Coleman1966Service Chairman
Mark Oyster1966Towassi Chapter Treasurer
Jack Grady1966Scout Executive
Jack Coker1966Unit Elections Chairman
Dan Allen1966Lodge Secretary
Fred Whitson1966Publications Chairman
Fred Whitson1966Towassi Chapter Secretary
Ira Weil1966Towassi Chapter Chief
Ike Broach1966Lodge Vice Chief
Vacant1966Finance Chairman
Ike Broach1966Activities Chairman
Danny Baker1966Lodge Treasurer
John Hopkins1966Towassi Chapter Vice Chief
Tommy Coleman1966Quartermaster
Terry Phillips1965Menawa Chapter Vice Chief
Joseph Clay Dean1965Lodge Secretary
Tommy Coleman1965Cahaba Chapter Quartermaster
Jimmy Johnson1965Taskigi Chapter Chief
Jimmy Phillips1965Menawa Chapter Chief
Walter Myer1965Staff Adviser
Willie Jackson1965Taskigi Chapter Secretary & Treasurer
John Dorrough1965Lodge Chief
Art Sullivan1965Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Sammy Smith1965Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Charles B. McKee1965Lodge Adviser
Bill Lee1965Euchee Chapter Chief
Bill Lee1965Lodge Secretary
Jack Coker1965Saugahatchee Chapter Treasurer
Danny Baker1965Towassi Chapter Quartermaster
Ira Weil Jr1965Towassi Chapter Secretary & Treasurer
John Higgins1965Lodge Vice Chief
Tommy Coleman1965Quartermaster
Ben Nichols1965Saugahatchee Chapter Secretary
Charles Griner1965Taskigi Chapter Vice Chief
George Wilbanks1965Menawa Chapter Treasurer
John Saxon1965Euchee Chapter Secretary
Ike Broach1965Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Henry Strong1965Towassi Chapter Chief
Jack Grady1965Scout Executive
Larry Phelps1965Cahaba Chapter Chief
William A Norman1965Euchee Chapter Adviser
Roger Lansdon1965Euchee Chapter Treasurer
James Salter1965Taskigi Chapter Quartermaster
Bob Crew1965Saugahatchee Chapter Vice Chief
George Lang1965Towassi Chapter Adviser
Freddie Thompson1965Menawa Chapter Quartermaster
Gene Ford1965Taskigi Chapter Adviser
Bruce McKenzie1965Towassi Chapter Vice Chief
Mac Plummer1965Euchee Chapter Vice Chief
Dub Mason1965Menawa Chapter Secretary
Lee Suydam1964Lodge Chief
Hugh Underwood1964Cahaba Chapter Secretary
Mike Hammonds1964Where to Go Camping Guide Chairman
Jamie Smith1964Cahaba Chapter Reporter
JB Groover1964Saugahatchee Chapter Secretary
Mike Culpepper1964Saugahatchee Chapter Vice Chief
Bill Lee1964Quartermaster
Johnny Dorough1964Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Bruce McKenzie1964Horseshoe Bend Trail & Voyageurs Chairman
Charles B. McKee1964Lodge Adviser
Ron Davenport1964Towassi Chapter Vice Chief
Terry Phillips1964Menewa Chapter Quartermaster
Lynn Peters1964Menewa Chapter Chief
Jim Langlois1964Cahaba Chapter Vice Chief
Clay Dean1964Towassi Chapter Quartermaster
David Currie1964Towassi Chapter Reporter
Carey Neighbors1964Camp Promotions Chairman
John Higgins1964Towassi Chapter Chief
Clay Dean1964Service Chairman
Jimmy Fisher1964Activities Chairman
Jimmy Fisher1964Lodge Vice Chief
Dan Bennett1964Menewa Chapter Treasurer
Jimmy Fisher1964Cahaba Chapter Chief
Jimmy Hathcock1964Saugahatchee Chapter Quartermaster
Ron Davenport1964Membership Chairman
Jack Grady1964Scout Executive
Ed Horton1964Menewa Chapter Vice Chief
Ronnie Davenport1964Lodge Secretary
Ben Reynolds1964Cahaba Chapter Quartermaster
Don Horton1964Lodge Bulletin Chairman
Lee Suydam1964Elections Chairman
John Meredith1964Staff Adviser
John Dorrough1964Lodge Treasurer
Kelley Johnson1964Menewa Chapter Secretary
Bruce McKenzie1964Towassi Chapter Secretary
John Meredith1963Staff Adviser
Don Horton1963Lodge Bulletin Chairman
Lee Suydam1963Lodge Vice Chief
John Higgins1963Lodge Treasurer
Donald Horton1963Lodge Secretary
Felix Steele III1963Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1963Lodge Adviser
Ronnie Davenport1963Quartermaster
Jack Grady1963Scout Executive
Lee Suydam1963Lodge Chief
Fred McCormick1962Quartermaster
Tom Wolsoncroft1962Ceremonies Chairman
Bob Boettcher1962Ceremonies Adviser
Britt Fike1962Lodge Secretary
Jimmy Neely1962Activities Chairman
John Higgins1962Lodge Treasurer
Ham Murray1962Camp Promotion Adviser
Don Horton1962Lodge Bulletin Chairman
Ed Henley1962Membership Adviser
John Meredith1962Staff Adviser
Buzzy Howard1962Unit Elections Chairman
Charlie Johnson1962Camp Promotion Adviser
Felix Steele1962Lodge Vice Chief
Arthur Alexander1962Unit Elections Adviser
Jack Grady1962Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1962Lodge Adviser
Loy Singleton1962Lodge Bulletin Adviser
Rod Henley1962Membership Chairman
Walter Stroud1962Service Adviser
Lee Suydam1962Camp Promotion Chairman
Louis Blackburn1962Activities Adviser
Colin Loftin1962Lodge Chief
Mr. Higgins1962Finance Adviser
Johnny Dorough1962Service Chairman
John Higgins1962Finance Chairman
Dwight Malone1961Carver Chapter Vice Chief
Jack Grady1961Scout Executive
Charles Breeding1961Quartermaster
Donald Weyburn1961Towassi Chapter Chief
Don Landers1961Saugahatchee Chapter Vice Chief
Charles B. McKee1961Lodge Adviser
Bob Harris1961Saugahatchee Chapter Chief
Calvin B. Austin1961Carver Chapter Chief
O Jones1961Carver Chapter Adviser
Tommy Abernathy1961Lodge Chief
Britt Fike1961Towassi Chapter Vice Chief
Richard Hancock1961Saugahatchee Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
Tom Wolsoncroft1961Lodge Vice Chief
Ernell R Hill1961Carver Chapter Adviser
Joe Towns1961Lodge Treasurer
John Bush1961Lodge Secretary
Don Horton1961Towassi Chapter Secretary & Treasurer
Adam J. Rutledge1961Carver Chapter Secretary
Colin Loftin1960Lodge Vice Chief
Willis Holloway1960Lodge Secretary
Jack Grady1960Scout Executive
Douglas Rodgers1960Lodge Chief
John Webster1960Lodge Treasurer
Charles B. McKee1960Lodge Adviser
John Bush1960Quartermaster
Harry R. Loyd Jr1960Newsletter Editor
Bill Johnson1959Quartermaster
Tom Coon1959Lodge Treasurer
William H. Edwards1959Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1959Lodge Adviser
John McKay Short1959Lodge Chief
Dick Morthland1959Lodge Vice Chief
Colin Loftin1959Lodge Secretary
William H. Edwards1958Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1958Lodge Adviser
Bobby Boetcher1958Lodge Chief
Thomas Maynor1957Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1957Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1957Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1956Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1956Scout Executive
Thomas Maynor1956Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1955Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1955Scout Executive
Lewis Gholston1955Lodge Chief
Lewis Gholston1954Lodge Chief
Amos Smith1954Horseshoe Bend Chapter Adviser
William H. Edwards1954Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1954Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1953Scout Executive
Bill Cherry1953Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1953Lodge Adviser
Charles B. McKee1952Lodge Adviser
Bill Cherry1952Lodge Chief
William H. Edwards1952Scout Executive
Perry Caldwell1952Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1951Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1951Scout Executive
Wendall Powers1951Lodge Chief
Lloyd C Warr1950Lodge Chief
William H. Edwards1950Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1950Lodge Adviser
Charles B. McKee1949Lodge Adviser
Curtis Osborne1949Lodge Chief
William H. Edwards1949Scout Executive
Curtis Osborne1948Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1948Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1948Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1947Lodge Adviser
Hugh Mauldin1947Lodge Chief
William H. Edwards1947Scout Executive
Ernest Campbell1946Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1946Lodge Adviser
William H. Edwards1946Scout Executive
William H. Edwards1945Scout Executive
Elbert Anderson1945Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1945Lodge Adviser
Charles B. McKee1944Lodge Adviser
Owen Kenan1944Lodge Chief
Robert C. Lundquist1944Scout Executive
Charles B. McKee1943Lodge Adviser
Robert W. Lundquist1943Lodge Chief
Robert C. Lundquist1943Scout Executive
A. G. Bliss1942Lodge Adviser
A.George Bliss1942Scout Executive
Robert Young1942Lodge Chief
Charles B. McKee1942Lodge Adviser
Robert V. Mullen Jr.1942Lodge Chief
Mr. Edwards1941Field Executive
Robert V. Mullen Jr.1941Lodge Chief
A.George Bliss1941Scout Executive
A. G. Bliss1941Lodge Adviser
A. G. Bliss1940Lodge Adviser
Robert V. Mullen Jr.1940Lodge Chief
Eugene F. Frye1940Staff Adviser
Robert C. Lundquist1940Scout Executive
A. G. Bliss1939Lodge Adviser
Robert C. Lundquist1939Scout Executive
Robert V. Mullen Jr.1939Lodge Chief
Robert C. Lundquist1938Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1937Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1936Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1935Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1934Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1933Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1932Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1931Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1930Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1929Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1928Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1927Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Col. Millard Westcott1926Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
W.L. Sprouse1925Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
W.L. Sprouse1924Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
W.L. Sprouse1923Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
W.L. Sprouse1922Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
W.L. Sprouse1921Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
H.E. Hoppen1920Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
H.E. Hoppen1919Pre-lodge formation - Scout Executive
Mac Thompson2017Lodge Chief
Logan Bozeman2017Lodge Vice Chief
Addison Broom2017Lodge Treasurer
Austin Kelsey2017Lodge Secretary
Andrew Busby2017Athletics Chairman
Frank Middleton2017Camping Chairman
Logan Hicks2017Ceremony Chairman
Thomas Sims2017Cub Scout Chairman
Adam Holtzscher2017Drum & Dance Chairman
Jacob Cannon2017Historian
Kaleb Nichols2017Merit Badge Day Chairman
Ryan Holtzscher2017Publications Chairman
Payton Parrish2017Service Chairman
Timothy Jordan 2017Special Events Chairman
Garrett Smith2017Training Chairman
Sam Thompson2017Web Team Chairman
Will Alison2017Cahaba Chief
Thomas Sims2017Cahaba Vice Chief
Hunter Gay2017Chilitauga Chief
Matt Harris2017Cholocco Litabixie Chief
James Able2017Cholocco Litabixie Vice Chief
Lucas Lynn2017Pinhoti Chief
Matt Tuck2017Towassa Chief
Tyrone Patterson2017Towassa Vice Chief
Mike Bazonis2017Lodge Adviser
David Lewis2017Associate Lodge Adviser
David Ehrlich2017Associate Lodge Adviser
Ricky Minor2017Associate Lodge Adviser
Denise Miller2017Staff Adviser
Marvin Smith2017Scout Executive
Wes Crew2017Camping Adviser
Robert Schodorf2017Ceremony Adviser
Robert Johnson2017Cub Scout Adviser
David Coleman2017Drum & Dance Adviser
June Cyrus2017Historian's Adviser
Barry Ehrlich2017Kitchen Adviser
Jay Hartin2017Merit Badge Day Adviser
Bill Cox2017OA Troop Rep Adviser
Chip McEwen2017Service Adviser
Mike McDuffee2017Service Associate Adviser
Michael Simmons2017Training Adviser
Will Mitchell2017Web Team Adviser
Steve Easterling2017Cahaba Adviser
Rick Kelsey2017Chilitauga Adviser
Charles Clack2017Pinhoti Adviser
Bill Whatley2017Towassa Adviser
Logan Bozeman2017Lodge Chief
Logan Bozeman2017/18Lodge Chief
Under 182017/18Lodge Treasurer
Under 182017/18Lodge Vice Chief
Austin Kelsey2017/18Lodge Secretary